Qatar Guide : Job Visa Procedure


If you are outside Qatar and have received a job offer

  • Your company should now apply to the Ministry of Interior for a single entry visa which will be your temporary residence visa once you arrive. Your company’s PRO officer will handle the application process.
  • Approval takes 4-8 weeks and your company will send you a copy of the scanned entry visa or you can print a copy from the Ministry of Interior website.

Once you reach Qatar

  • The Immigration Officer at Doha International Airport will stamp your passport with the corresponding visa, which he/she will have on their system.
  • This entry permit will let you start working, but your employer should immediately start the process of obtaining your work/residence permit.

You will need the following:

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of highest educational certificate/degree, authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Qatar Embassy in your home country. Please note that you will need an Arabic translation of this certificate, done either in your home country or here in Qatar – usually your PRO will undertake handling the translation if you intend to get it done here.
  • Police Clearance Certificate from the country of the passport you are entering on, authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Qatari Embassy of that country.

If you are already in Qatar

  • You may be able to attest the document at your Embassy and the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  1. I asked this question on a different guide, but I think it is more relevant to this guide.

    I renewed my passport after my company applied for work visa for me. Now I have a new passport, and the work visa got issued for me using the number of the old passport.

    Can I enter Qatar using the TWO passports and the visa? or does the company have to issue a new visa using the new passport ?

    • Hi Zakeer, It is not possible as your entry visa is issued for the old passport number. It would have been possible if you had renewed passport after completing visa process in Qatar. Your company will need to get a new entry visa.

    • Hi Mukesh, You can apply via Indian Embassh in Qatar. Go to a typing center near Embassy with
      Two Passport size photographs,
      Original Passport and Passport copy. They will fill up EAP-2 Form and Affidavit for PCC.
      Embassy fee is QR 94.

  2. one of my friend got a work Visa for Qatar. when his company arranged for him he have another passport but now he want to travel and he have another passport. his visa issue based on his old passport still he can travel to Qatar with his same visa.
    he travel threw jet airways But Jet airways stop him on Delhi airport and they said you need new visa as per new passport and his company also mention same what u told; his company not going to re-issue his visa. his company said no issue you can travel. Please advice……

    • Hi Mukesh,
      We checked in detail and found a clause behind the visa application form :
      “The person will not be allowed to enter the country if the details of his passport are not matching with details mentioned in the visa, or if there were any modification or deletion on the document.”
      Since there is a written rule, it would be better that his company gets him new entry visa.

  3. Hi, does anyone know a good Attestation Service provider in Doha. I have to get by Degree certificate attested from UK for my work visa… Thank you in advance!!!

  4. Hi,
    I got a job offer from Qatar based company and they send me work permit copy by mail.
    At present I am serving my notice period in my current company in Dubai, UAE.
    My current company HR told me that we will cancel your labour contract and your UAE visa will active.

    So please suggest me what should I do in this case, please suggest
    1-Is it possible that with Qatar work permit I can enter to Qatar and obtain my Qatar Work/residence permit?

    • Hi Flora,
      You can enter with the entry permit that has been sent to you. However, what your new company has sent you is not work permit. After reaching Qatar you will undergo medical and finger print. After that only your RP will be issued.
      Regarding your UAE visa, it is better to cancel that, in order to avoid future complications. You can possess more than one residence visa, but work permit should be only from one country. Or else it should be a branch of the same company.

    • Hi Flora, You can possess more than one residence visa, but work permit should be only from one country. Or else it should be a branch of the same company. If you do not cancel a previous work visa, your RP application may be rejected.

  5. Hi,

    My employer is not giving me NOC. Now, I am planning to start a Business here under Investor Visa. That means, I am not going to work in Qatar.

    Is it possible? Will the 2 years travel ban be applicable for me?

  6. Hi..My RP tracking shows that it has been received at the expatriates affairs department….what does it mean??will they provide RP now??

  7. Deepak Singh on

    Recently I got a job offer in Doha. I live in New Delhi. My employer asked me to get my certificates attested from nearest Qatar Embassy in India.
    At the moment, Qatar Embassy in India is not attesting private institute education certificates. They have put a temporary ban. So can I get it attested from Ministry of External Affairs in India and later on arrival to Doha, I’ll get it attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Doha.
    Will this work equivalent? Please guide me.

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