10 Things To Remember While Buying A Home In India


1. Check your family and office travel mode first

Do you travel a lot via metro, highways, railway stations or airports? Choose your prospective properties according to your mode of travel.

Living near the railway station when you travel via flights is totally useless. Check your priorities to see if you wish to take home near the office or near your kids’ school or near your relatives. Do not stay away from all three.

2. Online IP address frauds

If you are checking online property portals, keep a pen and paper nearby to take notes of the properties on the beat.
Property portals save ur IP address and when they feel that you are highly interested they start increasing that particular property rates slowly. So note down the property and check with the dealer immediately to check the real prices.

3. Rates

Always check low-to-high priced properties first, then high-to-low priced properties and after that by relevance. Check under your budget first after that little higher side for comparing.

4. Localities

Pay attention to the kind of localities portals are showing. They may show small market around but may be this small market is in between a dozen big societies and you may end up buying very high priced groceries every month.

5. Condition

While browsing property portals, first click on ready-to-move-in properties with pictures to see how is the actual look of the property.

Ready-to-move-in is always a better option than to buy those who claim they will give in two years but give after three or four years.

6. Interiors

Do not buy property based on the shining interiors you see in photos. Always try to check the quality of construction.
Nowadays property dealers buy old flats and with few lakhs worth interiors they start asking for double the cost of property.

7. Multiple dealers

Check the same property with multiple property dealers. They always have variations but their “dalal nexus” is so strong that they already know that with this particular property who all are dealing in the market. So be honest and tell them truth about prices quoted by others.

8. Local law and order

Avoid those societies which are based too far away from the main roads. It makes things difficult for your family to approach necessary things in time of emergency.

9. Buying options

Always check for the property price through different options like online big portals, local portals, OLX, Quickr etc.
You will be surprised to see the rate differences when the same property is advertised by owner, builder and agents.
Often buying directly from the builders means little extra benefits and buying from the owners means getting extra things and buying from agents means more details of the property.

10. Confidentiality

Never disclose your financial details online – how much you earn, your bank name and your loan plans – to anyone
There are several tricks for hackers who can do anything to blackmail you or even misuse your personal information.

This is a guest blog post written by Prachi Varshney, who is a food blogger, writer and content writer based in Doha. You can find more about Prachi and her blog beneath this post.

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