352 tonnes of waste removed after Qatar National Day festivities


More than 856 janitors were deployed and 73 trucks and equipment used by the Cleaning Department of the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning to clean up places where National Day celebrations took place.

Cleaners worked round-the-clock and removed 352 tonnes of waste from the Corniche and the main and internal roads branching out from the area.

Municipality-CleanersDarb El-Saai, tribes’ celebration areas, and tents fixed by nationals outside Doha have also be cleaned up, according to a ministry’s post in its official Facebook account yesterday.

Cleaning works mainly focused on the Corniche area, Darb El-Saai, public parks, 47 tribal tents across country, and another 10 public places where National Day celebrations took place, said Safar Mubarak Al Shafi, Director, Public Hygiene, at the ministry.

The clean-up successfully ended despite obstacles such as traffic jams and crowds, especially in the Corniche area, where people waited until late hours and the closure of many roads prevented cleaners from reaching the sites, Al Shafi added.

Al Shafi said coordination with the Traffic Department and Lakhwiya facilitated and helped cleaners complete the work before 6am on Saturday.

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