5 year boy crushed to death by elevator in Sharjah


A boy died on Friday evening after he was crushed between a wall and an elevator at his father’s new shop in the gold souq, Sharjah, Gulf News has learnt.

Sharjah Police confirmed that the five-year-old Yemeni victim, identified as A.R.A.A., was pinned between the elevator and the wall of his father’s new shop. The incident happened after the elevator collapsed.

The boy was with his family when the incident took place. The family had gone to the shop to celebrate its opening.

Police investigations revealed that the elevator is unlicensed and only designed to carry goods to the upper floor and is not suitable for use by customers.

By the time the police reached the scene, the victim was dead. The civil defence workers removed the elevator to pull out the boy’s body. The body was crushed, officials said. Police are investigating the cause of the elevator collapse.

Sharjah Police urged shopkeepers to install licensed elevators and escalators for goods far away from customers to prevent lives being put at risk.

Ahmad Al Sahman, a goldsmith from Yemen, toldGulf News that the incident was tragic. “We were gathered to celebrate the opening of their new shop. The father brought all of his family members to celebrate the happy occasion but it turned into a tragedy for them. The boy was playing while his parents were busy with people who had come for the opening.”

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