510,000 Covid-19 vaccine doses administered in Qatar till now


Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) has announced that 510,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered since the start of the Covid-19 National Vaccination Program.

The current priority groups for COVID-19 vaccinations are, people aged 50 years of age and above regardless of their health conditions, people with moderate chronic medical conditions at any age, additional healthcare professionals and other key workers in different ministries and government institutions, including teachers and administration staff in education. 

Since the beginning of February, the number of doses administered each week has increased by 270 per cent and more than one in seven adults, 15 per cent of Qatar’s adult population, have now received at least one vaccine dose.

March beginning MOPH had lowered the age threshold for COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to 50 years of age. 

The Ministry stated that the recent availability of greater quantities of both the Moderna and Pfizer and BioNTech vaccines has helped increase the pace of the vaccination programme, with over 100,000 doses being administered each week, meaning that every day around 14,000 of our most vulnerable members of society and essential workers are getting vaccinated and becoming protected against Covid-19.

“People who register online for the covid vaccine but who are not in one of the listed priority groups will have their interest recorded and saved by the MOPH, and they will be contacted when they become eligible,” MoPH official had said earlier.

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