6-year-old Indian boy killed in Dubai, as car runs over him twice


In a tragic incident, a six-year-old Indian boy was killed after a motorist ran over him twice in Dubai’s Murshid Bazaar area.

The accident took place on Saturday around 8 pm when the boy, Yaala Mohstisham, riding his bicycle, was reportedly zig-zagging on the road.

According to police records, the oncoming motorist, an Indian national, was surprised to see the victim in the lane, and did not have enough time to swerve away and avoid hitting him.

In the midst of the motorist’s panic, he reversed the vehicle over the boy and drove over him for the second time.

“The driver was startled when he ran over the young child, and in his confusion, reversed the vehicle and drove over the boy again,” Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, director of the Dubai traffic department said in a statement.

The child sustained serious injuries and was transferred to Rashid Hospital, but died shortly afterwards. As soon as the parents came to know of the accident, they rushed to the spot.

Yaala Mohstisham, son of Moulana Yusha Mohtesham, was a grade 2 student of Our Own English High School.

“He was a cheerful and lovely boy. His family has been settled in the UAE for a long time. His parents are in a state of shock,” Abdulqadirr Pasha, a relative of the boy told Khaleej Times.

Brig Al Mazroui explained that safety accident experts were called to the scene, who noted that traffic congestion in the bazaar made it imperative for motorists to take extra caution when driving in the area.

“There are many residential buildings located in the vicinity, with a large presence of children,” Brig Al Mazroui told Gulf News.

“Parents should pay a great deal of attention when their child is playing outdoors, especially those of a young age, as they are unable to assess how dangerous and risky the roads might be,” he added.

Pasha said the family is completing the legal and administrative procedures and after that the child will be buried here.

-Published on 26 December 2016

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