7 highlights of Modi’s visit to US


India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to begin his first official visit to the United States of America, to boost bilateral trade and investments.

Here are the 7 highlights of Modi’s trip:

  1. Mr. Modi  arrives in New York where he will address the UN General Assembly, before heading to Washington for his first meeting with President Barack Obama.
  2. The visit is expected to go a long way in mending the strained relations between India and US.
  3. Trade and business are expected to top the agenda of the visit which comes a day after Modi unveiled his new ‘Make in India‘ campaign, aiming to turn the country into a global manufacturing hub.
  4. During his four-day visit, he is expected to meet top leaders of Fortune 500 companies, including Google, IBM, GE and Boeing.
  5. At his talks with President Obama, he is expected to discuss issues “to expand and deepen the US-India strategic partnership”.
  6. The highlight of the visit though is expected to be his sold-out appearance at Madison Square Garden where he will address an audience of more than 20,000 people. The event is organized by prominent members of the Indian diaspora in the US and Modi’s speech from a rotating stage will be beamed live with English subtitles to giant TV screens at Times Square in central New York.
  7. The visit is seen as a personal triumph for Modi who was long denied a US visa over the 2002 Gujarat riots in which around 1,000 people were killed.

And after his landslide win, Obama called Modi and invited him for a visit. Analysts say that the invitation was significant considering the US’s troubled history with Modi.


With excerpts from BBC

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