7 signs you need a goal in life


Approximately only 3% of the population have goals that are specific, written down, and being put into practice. Is it a coincidence that only 3% of the population are wealthy? It is certainly something to ponder anyways.

Are you among that 3% that has clear written out goals that you are putting into practice? Or do you feel that you do not need goals?

You do not need goals if you are content with not moving further and you like life just the way it is. If you feel the need to improve in life, but are still not sure if you necessarily need goals, keep reading.

7 signs you need a goal

1. You are over 30 and still don’t know what you want to be when you grow up, but know you want to do something fantastic

2. You feel like you are not content in life and that there is more to explore

3. You feel like you are living in the movie Groundhog Day and every single day seems the same

4. You experience brain fog on a regular basis

5. You experience boredom continuously

6. Life seems to be presenting you with numerous challenges and it doesn’t seem to stop

7. You are unhappy and do not know why

If you feel any of these above, it is possible that you need a goal to remedy it.

The first step to creating a goal is identifying a problem that will be improved and then you can create goals based on that problem. Ask yourself how your life would look if this problem was gone and this will give you some motivation to create that goal.

Search out possible solutions to that problem.

Clarify with yourself what is creating the problem and what are ways you can eliminate or reduce what the cause is. What are things you can do differently.

You can write down all these solutions on a scrap piece of paper if you would like and then you can organize it after by making the possible solution a headline and brainstorm ways to make that solution a reality.

Article by: Cheryl Wilms   Articlecity.com

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