A selection of the best fonts to fill the site!


The fonts that you see on your screen might not seem all that important, but they can make a huge difference in the way that a website presents and reads. Having the right font can give your website the visual appearance that makes it stand out among a vast ocean of websites on the web.

How do you know which fonts to choose, though? As stated, there are so many out there to choose from that it can feel overwhelming to know which one might fit your website the best.

That is why having the right font for your website is perhaps the most important thing that you can have. Here is a list of some of the best, user-friendly fonts on the web. You can easily download more than 1001 fonts in the open internet.


Originally created by Anton Koovit, there are four different variations of Arvo, from the normal weight and italic to the bold italic versions. It can be difficult to find a full web font family of Slab Serif but Arvo gets pretty close to satisfying that need.

Arvo has a high readability as well as strong characters. This, combined with a sans-serif body font, makes Arvo a great selection for titles as well as subtitles.


One of the more popular serif fonts available on the web, Merriweather is one of the more geometric options and is still very readable even at smaller sizes. Merriweather can also be used as a body typeface. This is because of the natural letter weight and width that it possesses.

With a smoother, more artistic feel, your body copy will look outstanding when you apply Merriweather into the mix.


A serif font in nature, Alegreya is a great substitute when it comes to any default type of serif web font. While its initial creation was for literature, thanks to its various letter-form weights as well as high readability, it has other uses as well.

The font has an overall calligraphic feel to it while also incorporating something of a modern look from the serif family. Alegreya has rapidly become one of the more popular fonts available on the web today.

Open Sans

Open Sans has quietly become one of the more commonly used fonts on the web today. There are many big-name brands that are currently going through the process of making their websites cleaner. For this reason, a lot of them are opting to go with Lato or Open Sans. This is because of the friendly appearance and high readability that it offers.

With excellent legibility as well as letterforms that are incredibly strong, Open Sans has an extensive font library. All of these features and aspects makes it one of the best substitutes for most of your default sans serif font types.


Tisa is currently one of the best substitutes on the web when it comes to Arial or default Helvetica. If you are looking to add a bit of character to your overall site design while keeping a readable, clear style, Tisa is an excellent choice.

Extremely readable, Tisa is one of the more legible texts available online that is available in a wide array of sizes. This allows for a totally unique visual appeal that many of the other fonts simply can’t match.


There are a lot of condensed sans serif fonts out there, but if you want one that has the visual similarities to League Gothic, Oswald is certainly one of the best options available.

Inspired by the visual of a classic newspaper headline, it is a great font that was designed to be free to use online and in editorial materials. Its classic appeal and versatility, as well as its free use, makes it a fantastic choice.

Alternate Gothic

If you need to mix your body text up or to add a cleaner feel to your site, this is a great choice. Originally created by Morris Fuller Benton and meant to be something of a counterpart to the more traditional Franklin Gothic, it looks fantastic when used as a header.

Alternate Gothic makes for a particularly wonderful match with Proxima Nova. It really gives a little something extra to your website, giving it that classic gothic design with a more modern appeal to it.

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