Applying For A Job In The Middle East? 10 Tips You Should Keep In Mind

CV and Cover Letter

Have a professional CV and cover letter prepared. This should be prepared in a responsible manner by professional writers and should not contain any grammatical or detail errors.

Keep your resume to one page, even if you have 15 years of work experience. Applicants should speak about themselves to the point and avoid lengthy resumes.

If you are on visit visa

If you are on visit visa, Indicate in your cover letter and CV that you are available for interview up to a particular date. Don’t make it look like you are re desperate to find work before your visa expires. Your CV should also state that you are on visit visa. (Visa Status: Visit Visa, expires X-X-2016)

Write also in your cover letter that should your departure date pass, you can be reached at your home country phone number, email, or online. All three contacts should be included in your CV and cover letter.

At the interview table

Be specific. Understand the interviewer’s questions before answering. Normally there are a large number of applicants for any job. Being specific helps both the interviewer and the interviewee.

Keep your answers short, speak crisp. Long answers are time consuming and don’t hold the interviewer’s attention.

Ask questions about the company you are being interviewed for. Asking questions gives the impression of the applicant’s awareness of the job and the firm. Do some research about the company before attending the interview.

Know your strength and weakness

Bring value to the table or the position applied. Elaborate on how you can do something differently.

Be honest about your weaknesses. Don’t be somebody else. Most top companies are well aware what your capabilities are, so don’t build stories. You will risk being exposed.

Be very clear about what you can offer the company. Don’t take a job just because it’s attractive. You should be fully aware of what you will be able to achieve. Keep in mind that once you commit to a job, it is not easy to switch jobs in most GCC countries.

After the interview

After the interview, send an email to the hiring message thanking him or her for the interview. Include your contact details where you can be reached. This should consist of your home country phone number, email address, and online details.

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