Attested TC required for school admissions


UPDATE : March 2015 – The below rule has been abolished, as SEC simplified school admissions process. Click here to read more.

New enrolment rules being imposed by the Supreme Education Council (SEC) on private schools have made many students and parents jittery.

Parents of several newly enrolled Indian students are running against time to get their children’s transfer certificates attested by authorities in India after the SEC made this attestation mandatory, say Indian school sources.

Every student changing school and joining a private school in Qatar must produce a transfer certificate from the institution he or she previously studied in. As per the new rules, this certificate must be attested by the authorities in the home countries as well as the Qatari embassies there, said the sources.

Certificates that fail to meet this requirement could be rejected by the SEC and the student may be denied admission. Some schools that have temporarily enrolled newly arrived students this year have asked them to produce the attested certificates within a few days, it is learnt.

“This rule was introduced last year, but the SEC has started implementing it strictly from the current academic year as part of organising the admission procedures,” said an official from an Indian school.

A student moving from a school in India that follows the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum must get his transfer certificate attested by the regional office of the CBSE and then by the Ministry of External Affairs in India and the Qatari embassy in New Delhi, he explained.

If the student is coming from a school following the curriculum of any of the state education boards in India, he or she must get the attestation done first by the District Education Officer and then by the Foreign Ministry and the Qatari embassy.

Along with the transfer certificate, the student must also produce the marks cards for the past three years. Suppose a student is seeking admission in Class 6, he/she must produce the marks cards for classes 3, 4 and 5. However, the marks cards need not be attested. The new rules apply to students seeking admission to Class 2 and above, said the official.

These certificates must be submitted to the SEC, which will verify them and issue an equivalency certificate. A scanned copy of the equivalency certificate must be provided while registering the student on the SEC website.

“SEC has closed the online registration of students for the current academic year. It is not clear what will happen to the new students who have not yet submitted the attested certificates. We are awaiting a clarification on this issue,” said the official.

He said some parents had approached the SEC asking for more time and they had been given two weeks to produce the attested documents. Some parents have also complained about the high fees charged by agencies here providing document attestation services.

Only few Indian schools have admitted new students this year due to a severe space crunch and those students could be affected by the new regulations.

Official of another Indian school also said that there is some confusion over the issue because the SEC has not issued an official clarification yet.

“The issue was discussed among officials of Indian schools and we are trying to get a clear reply from the SEC,” said the official.

UPDATE : March 2015 – The above rule has been abolished, as SEC simplified school admissions process. Click here to read more.

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