Basic Wine Etiquette for Beginners

Wine Bottle

Whether you are in a party, celebrating with your friends or a family, a formal event with strangers, or even in a nice restaurant, it is essential to show the right etiquette according to the occasion, especially in terms of things related to wine. Some events may be more formal than others. Still, you have to follow specific rules and behaviors necessary so as not to offend others but rather impress them.

As the wine, being a favorite beverage among masses of people, there are a lot of varieties of flavors, aromas, and even pricing for it to be easily accessed by the public. It is mostly served and drank on dinner, even some drink it while preparing a meal or making it a key ingredient in their dishes.

While out on a dinner, it is nice to know some little tips and tricks on how to appear classy in front of other people. Not that it is imperative since we all have our drinking preferences, but it still helps to look elegant and classier among the public view.   

Wine tasting

A winery is a place to be when you want to taste a whole variety of different types of red wines. These wineries, with the help of their staff, can help you feel and explain different kinds of wines and lets you develop your taste. As guests, there are rules and regulations you have to follow for you to have a smooth experience in the winery.

First of all, when you don’t like the wine that is being served, you can dump it in the receptacle. Crackers will be served in between each wine served as to help cleanse your palate each time you taste a wine. Remember not to overeat them as they are only served for that purpose unless stated otherwise.

It is socially acceptable to ask for a second taste for a wine that you are not sure about, but beyond the count of two is unacceptable. Additionally, purchasing a bottle of wine would be perfect and will leave a good impression on the winery, so make sure to buy one.

Dining Out

On a restaurant setting, some people specialize in making accurate suggestions on wine that is based on your taste and budget. They are typically known to be servers, but they are called “sommelier.” They can also suggest wines that would pair entirely on your choice of meal, so when in doubt, ask them. Also, if you are in a group, make sure to choose a wine that would compliment everyone’s meal, not just yours.

If the wine that you chose exceeded or at least met your expectations, smile and thank your sommelier, or maybe even give out a tip. However, if the wine does not meet the quality that you are expecting, do not be afraid to reject the wine. They exist to help you, so don’t worry.

Of course, you could bring your very own wine in a restaurant; there is no problem in that.

Take note that every time you bring your wine, always ask the staff if it is allowed and if they do have a corkage fee. It is also good manners if you let your sommelier taste your wine as it would help them have a good idea of your taste in the future, in case you go to their restaurant again without a bottle of wine in hand.

Wine as a gift

It is proper etiquette to bring a nice bottle of wine when you are visiting a friend’s house. It is genuinely appropriate and would leave a good impression on your host/hostess. Of course, not every time that your wine would be served alongside the dinner as most celebrations like that has already the wine sorted out for the event. Also, don’t bring your wine already chilled as the host/hostess would expect that you want your wine to be served too, which will be quite a hassle for him/her.

Also, it is best if you know the preferences in terms of the wine of your friend. Something that you know they will genuinely enjoy. If he/she likes desserts, then bring a white wine or a sparkling one. Also, if you know their favourite vintage, it is best if you buy them that specific wine. If you have no idea whatsoever, you can choose according to the season: red in winter, white in summer.


Etiquette is essential wherever you go, especially when it comes to wine. You can’t just taste in your way into a winery drinking everything in a gulp; it is good to have manners and delicacy when you are out on the public. Be classy about it and mind your conduct. Remember, good manners and etiquette could go a long way.

Guest Post By Allison Lewis

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