The Benefits of a Second Passport for High-Net-Worth Qatari Individuals

Are you a high-net-worth Qatari national? Are you frustrated by the lack of travel freedom available from your passport? You could own a second passport that gives you the ability to travel, visa-free, through a wider variety of international destinations than your current Qatari passport.
Over 15% of the Qatari population are Dollar millionaires or richer. Don’t let yourself be confined to the destinations of your Qatari passport, open up a new world of travel opportunities with a CBI program application for your second passport.

The Pro’s of a Second Passport for Qatari Nationals

The benefits of a second passport can revolutionize your travel and the way you conduct your business. Some of the advantages you can expect from dual nationality are;

  • Unrestricted access to live and work in the 26 countries included in the Schengen area.
  • Access to the United States and its territories.
  • Visa free travel to both the US and Europe.
  • A passport for yourself, your spouse and dependents 21 years old or younger.
  • Drivers license and national ID cards included.
  • Access to tax havens and financial services.

How it Works – What is CBI?

CBI stands for Citizenship By Investment. You are offered citizenship by investing into government approved corporate projects or real estate developments. Each country has its own unique application process and requirements

CBI programs available for a Wide Variety of Countries

CBI programs differ in cost depending on the value of the passport. You can expect to pay anywhere from US$ 500,000 upwards for CBI programs in top-tier first-world countries. However, the travel freedom is well worth the expense.
In certain CBI projects, the investor may be entitled to the full return of their capital after the CBI investment term is completed. Your Return on Investment is your new dual nationality status.
Some of the top-tier countries with CBI programs available are;

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • The UK
  • USA
  • Australia

If you are concerned about dual nationality status and how it will affect your current citizenship, you are under no obligation to reveal your dual nationality to your current state department.

Working with Professionals to Acquire your Second Passport

Anyone can apply for a CBI program, however, smart business people understand the value of working with professionals to achieve success. By choosing to apply for a CBI program using a CBI specialist, you reduce the timeframe of your application and ensure the best chance of success with your application.
A CBI program is the fastest, easiest, most cost effective way to gain citizenship and dual nationality in a first world country. Speak to a qualified, experienced CBI consultant about your application and get the ball rolling.
Gain more Freedom for Your Family, your Wealth & your Legacy
Your family and your wealth deserve a world without borders. Live and work anywhere you please with a CBI program that can give you dual nationality status. A CBI program gives you the freedom you need to operate anywhere in the world.
Click here for more details on the program.

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