Best Free Spider Solitaire Card Games That Made Our Ranks!


There are tons of free Spider Solitaire games out there. You cannot try out each and everyone to find the best ones. Well, you do not have to because we did that for you.

This article will give you a list and a full in-depth review of the best free Spider Solitaire card games that made our ranks. The best free Spider Solitaire game you can get is Spider Solitaire Masters. It is a completely joyous experience to play and packs great features all into a polished package.

There are two more good games that you can download as alternatives as well. Keep on reading to find out more about these.

3 Best Free Spider Solitaire Card Games That Made Our Ranks

1. Spider Solitaire Masters

Spider Solitaire Masters is the game you get when the developers just want to make an easy to play and fun game for every Spider Solitaire lover out there.

It does one thing and it does it well – and that provides a great classic Spider Solitaire gameplay experience. We loved the minimal design of this. It reduces all sorts of unnecessary distractions and puts the actual gameplay front and centre.

Have no internet connection and want to kill some time? No worries, just whip out your phone and start playing the game – it requires no internet connection after the initial download.

If you are up for a challenge you can choose to increase the difficulty level of the game too. On Android. There is an undo button if you make a wrong move and want to revert to a previous move. For iOS, you can play in live tournaments and test your might in 1v1 matches.

Why it Made Our Ranks

  • A simple interface and a straightforward game
  • Undo feature
  • Easy to pick up

2. Microsoft Spider Solitaire Collection

Microsoft Spider Solitaire Collection is for someone that wants a very high-end and polished experience and does not want to stick to just the classic variation of Play Free Solitaire Online Card Games. This Spider Solitaire game gives you a total of five variations of the beloved Spider Solitaire game.

You, of course, have the classic Klondike, there is also FreeCell, Tri-Peaks, Spider Spider Solitaire and even Pyramid Spider Solitaire.

With so many variations, the chances of you getting bored are honestly quite low. We love the gameplay too. The game gives you hints about the rules if you happen to make a wrong move.  There are extra features like daily challenges and online multiplayer with Xbox Live.

We love a good challenge over here and when ranking the Spider Solitaire games, this daily challenge feature impressed up.

The game is free with ads but for an ad-free experience, you need to pay for it, just like most free apps. However, the free version is still very good and we had to include it on the list.

Why it Made Our Ranks

  • Great gameplay and graphics
  • Useful hints
  • Daily challenged and online multiplayer
  • Different variations of Spider Solitaire

3. Spider Solitaire by SNG

Spider Solitaire is available for both Android and iOS. This is perhaps one of the most full-featured game we have seen so far. The graphics and the animations are all very professional and pleasing to look at.

However, perhaps what makes this app so great is the list of features and add-ons. You have the option to play multiplayer in tournaments or duel with your friends. There are undo options, in-depth game stats for the progress tracking fanatics out there.

Overall, it is a polished and well-featured Spider Solitaire car that is free! If you can get rid of the ads, you can pay a small amount. Although, we did not see a need to do it.

Why it Made Our Ranks

  • Loads of features
  • Easy to play
  • Fun and cool animations


These are the best free Spider Solitaire card games that made our ranks after testing many games on the app stores. Which one are you downloading?

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