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Revealed : These are the best Indian schools in Dubai

Seven Indian schools in Dubai have improved their overall performance during the academic year 2015-2016, the latest Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) inspection results of Indian schools in Dubai revealed. According to the overall inspection results, Indian curriculum schools in Dubai have been showing significant improvements in performance. Outstanding schools Of the 29 Indian curriculum schools inspected in Dubai, two have been rated outstanding, three very good, 11 good, 11 acceptable and two were found to be weak. GEMS Modern Academy and The Indian High School are the only two schools in the report who’ve been given an outstanding rating for the fifth consecutive time. Three schools – Delhi Private School, GEMS Our Own English High School, and the Millennium School have shown considerable improvement and are now in the ‘Very Good’ category. Complete List of Schools Outstanding GEMS Modern Academy The Indian High School Very Good Delhi Private School…

Have you noticed these 10 violations mentioned in Sharjah tenancy contracts?

If you are Sharjah resident, you should be having a copy of your tenancy contract. However, have you noticed that it mentions 10 violations and the respective fines for each of them? If not, check them out here : Washing cars on public streets is an uncivilised act and can result in a fine of Dh500 Keep your city clean to avoid a fine of Dh1,000 Hanging clothes on balconies distorts public appearance of the city and attracts a fine of Dh500 Throwing bottle cups, cigarette butts or tissues from cars to the streets leads to a fine of Dh500 Playing football or cricket at undesignated areas such as green spaces results in a fine of Dh500 Grill on grass or green areas attracts fine of Dh500 Smoking shisha in public parks and beaches attracts fine of Dh500 Causing intentional damage to municipal properties on streets and public squares leads to…

10 legal rights of every expatriate worker in the UAE

A campaign to educate new workers about their legal rights upon their arrival in Dubai was launched at Dubai airport on Thursday. Held under the slogan ‘Know your right,’ the campaign was officially launched by Saqr Gobash Saeed Gobash, Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation, previously known as the Ministry of Labour. These are some of the rights of every expatriate worker in the UAE : You are entitled to keep possession of all your personal identification documents once your residency permit is issued. If you are asked to sign a contract with different terms and conditions, even if you are advised that the changes are of advantage to you, report immediately to the nearest Labour Office, as contract substitution is illegal. If your employer fails to present you with a contract or provide you with work, the Labour Office will assist you in finding alternative employment. If your employer…