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Selected news stories from the United Arab Emirates. The must read and most discussed news from the seven emirates in UAE – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaima, Fujairah and Umm Al Quwain.

Qatar, UAE ranked as least corrupt countries in the Arab world

Qatar retained its position as the least corrupt country in the Arab world and raised its ranking by an impressive four points in the Corruption Perception Index 2015 issued by the Transparency International (TI) yesterday. Qatar is ranked 22nd in the Index, up by four points from last year’s 26th position. The index covers perceptions of public sector corruption in 168 countries. Denmark took the top spot for the second year running, followed by Finland and Sweden ,with North Korea and Somalia the worst performers. Among the GCC states, the UAE came next to Qatar at 23, followed by Oman (45), Kuwait (49), Bahrain (51) and Saudi Arabia (52). Top performers share high levels of press freedom; access to budget information so the public knows where money comes from and how it is spent; high levels of integrity among people in power; and judiciaries that don’t differentiate between rich and…

India – the new number one source market for Dubai tourism

Dubai’s tourism agency reported 14.2 million overnight visitors last year with India as its largest source market for the first time. About 1.6 million people visited Dubai from India last year, a 26 per cent year-on-year increase, despite currency fluctuations and a slowdown in the global economy. Overall, tourist numbers rose 7.5 per cent compared to 2014 – a faster rate than the global average. 3.3 million tourists from GCC A total of 3.3 million tourists from the GCC visited Dubai, up 12.8 per cent over 2014, with Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar as the top source markets. About 3 million people travelled from western Europe to Dubai, up 6.1 per cent, with the UK, Germany and northern European countries growth markets. Approximately 2.3 million tourists visited from South Asia, a 21.7 per cent increase over the previous year. Pakistan was the second-fastest growth market after India in this…

NRIs join festivities as India celebrates 67th Republic Day

India’s military prowess and multi-hued images of the country’s rich cultural diversity and achievements in various fields were on display at the majestic Rajpath on Tuesday during 67th Republic Day parade which was graced by French President Francois Hollande as the chief guest. The national capital, particularly the Central and New Delhi areas, were brought under unprecedented security blanket as thousands of personnel kept a hawk-eye vigil to thwart any untoward incident. A French military contingent also marched down the Rajpath, a first by any foreign armed force. In 2009, an Indian contingent had also participated in France’s annual Bastille Day parade. Watch the full parade here : Celebrations in the UAE Indians in the UAE, who are the biggest expat group in the Gulf nation, celebrated India’s 67th Republic Day on Tuesday with fanfare and calls for sectarian harmony and peaceful relations with neighbours. Indian missions and schools raised…

Man arrested for molesting Indian teenager in elevator

An Indian worker has been accused of following a 17-year-old school girl into an elevator and molesting her. According to the charges sheet, prosecutors accused the 30-year-old barber, N.M., of taking advantage of the fact that the girl was alone with him inside the lift when he molested her in November 2015. Incident while returning from school The schoolgirl, who is also Indian, told prosecutors that the incident happened around 2.50pm as she returned home from school. “I left the public bus and went into the building where I live with my parents. Once I entered the lift, the suspect came in behind me. He asked me how I was doing, but I ignored him and did not respond,” the girl said. “Then he put his hand on my top and touched me indecently; I pushed him away immediately. The elevator door opened and I rushed out quickly when he was about…

Photos : Lion caught roaming in Dubai neighbourhood

Authorities captured a lioness roaming near Al Barsha, Dubai, shortly after 7pm on Thursday, according to media reports. Emarat Al Youm newspaper reported that the lioness had escaped from its owner’s home, and was wandering in the neighbourhood. Major-General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander-in-Chief, Dubai Police, said that the police operations room received calls from several people to inform that they had spotted a lion wandering the streets near Al Barsha. Immediately police patrols along with the Veterinary Services Department members of Dubai Municipality arrived at the site and surrounded the lion. Al Mansouri said no person was injured, and added that the big cat escaped from its owner’s house. Legal action will be initiated against the owner, he said. Keeping endangered or threatened wildlife is illegal under UAE federal law. A source told Gulf News that expert animal handlers from Dubai Municipality helped intervene in the capture. Dr…

UAE police crack down on drivers taking selfies

UAE drivers face fines of up to AED200 and four black points if they are caught taking selfies on their mobile phones while driving, Dubai Police have confirmed. The offence comes under violations related to motorists using their mobile phones while driving and, in addition to a fine, results in four black points being added to an offender’s licence, Dubai Police told Emirates 24/7. This, of course, is a rather a small price to pay for the offence because, in the worst case scenario, you could get hurt and injure others as your focus diverts from the road ahead to the tiny screen in your hand. Police in Sharjah have already highlighted the risk involved in taking photos while driving and recently launched an awareness programme titled ‘Taking a selfie can end your life … selfies are a danger that you have to stop practicing’. Selfies can be deadly Taking…

Why expats in the Middle East struggle to save money

A new survey on the saving habits expatriate residents conducted by compareit4me, the Middle East’s leading finance comparison site, revealed that 53 percent of respondents don’t think they earn enough money to allow for them to allocate any to savings. The study was conducted among 2,200 residents who are mostly expatriates between December 2015 and January 2016. 30 percent do not save a single dirham The study highlighted not just the impact of living costs on family incomes, but also the poor savings culture or the lack of financial discipline among a number of residents. Findings of the survey indicate that while less than half of respondents set aside funds from their monthly wage for retirement or emergencies, over 30 percent do not save a single dirham, with over 13 percent admitting they believe life is too short to save. According to Jon Richards, CEO of compareit4me, who conducted the study, many…

Missing Indian businessman found dead on Fujairah beach

The body of an Indian businessman who went missing last week has been found at the beach near Dibba in Fujairah, a day after he went missing. His car was found parked besides the road near the beach. Ayyappan, aged 65, owned a stationery wholesale business in Dubai, and has been living in the UAE for more than four decades.  A resident of Muhaisnah in Dubai, Ayyappan was popular in the social circles and involved in charity work. He was also one of the directors of Green Books India Pvt Ltd and actively involved in Sharjah Book Fair. According to sources, he was the chairman of Nattika SN College Alumni in the UAE and was in-charge of organising a college reunion on January 15. “We were not able to trace him since January 13. He had not carried his mobile with him and it was later found inside his house,” said Pradeep, a close relative. “We searched everywhere…

5 Indian languages among selected languages for new UAE labour contracts

The UAE’s Ministry of Labour has approved 11 languages to be presented to workers within their job offers, labour contracts and annexes, following the newly launched labour decrees that were implemented at the beginning of the year on the directives of Labour Minister Saqr Ghobash. Arabic and English are two main languages in each job offer, labour contract and annexes presented to the worker, in addition to a third language that the applicant can understand. This applies both to workers coming from outside and those residing in the UAE that seek a new job or are required to move from one company to another. The other approved nine languages are Bengali, Chinese, Dari, Hindi and Malayalam, Nepalese, Sri Lankan, Tamil and Urdu, languages which have been picked according to statistics highlighting the highest number of workers using them. Earlier this year, the Ministry of Labour began the application of new…

‘Foxy’ Facebook picture lands Indian in UAE court

An Indian man who posted a picture of a fox on a Facebook group page found himself facing defamation charges in Ras Al Khaimah, although he insisted he was only expressing his admiration for the page. The plaintiffs told court that they considered the picture “insulting” on the grounds the fox indicates “cunningness and deception”. “The defendant insisted that he did not mean this. He said he was only expressing his admiration for the group,” Emirates 24|7 has reported, quoting a news on Emarat Al Youm daily. The judge has adjourned hearings to January 27.

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