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Guest Blog
Indian Meetup celebrating the free spirit of India on I-Day

India’s 71st Independence Day was a huge celebration not only in India, but wherever Indian diaspora has a presence and Qatar wasn’t an exception. For the second year in a row, the Indian Meetup Family celebrated the special day with an extravagant event while adding a cultural touch to it. A large group of members from different cultural backgrounds and with diverse professions gathered as a family at The Golden Ocean Hotel, Doha for celebrations with patriotic fervor and gaiety.  Amongst those present were several young and enthusiastic men and women from different walks of life. With dreams in their eyes to make it worth living, they turned up in their Independence Day-inspired attires and Indian flag pins to adorn the evening. Celebrations started with speech from Hapreet Dev, Co-Admin of IMF bringing in the true spirit with best lines extracts, followed by singing of the Indian National Anthem. All…

Guest Blog
139 facts about Instagram one should be aware of in 2017

This is a guest blog from, a group of passionate tech enthusiasts, dedicated to help you find the best tool for your every website-building need. Instagram is a mobile photography application that Facebook bought for $1 billion in 2012. Let’s see how it all started and lead to the BIG take over and how the company is doing now. This infographic contains 139 facts and stats about the app that shook the mobile photography world. It is time to start planning your instagram marketing strategy. This is a guest blog from, a group of passionate tech enthusiasts, dedicated to help you find the best tool for your every website-building need. You can find more infographics at

Photos: New Terminal of Cochin Airport to be fully operational from tomorrow

The Cochin International Airport Ltd’s (CIAL) new international terminal (Terminal 3) is set to be fully operational from tomorrow 18th April 2017. Here are the salient features and photos of the world-class terminal. Double the capacity With the opening of the Rs 1,000-crore facility, the operational capacity of CIAL will be almost doubled. The new terminal will be able to handle 4,000 passengers at peak hours instead of the 2,000 passengers at the present international terminal. The new terminal will have a total of 80 immigration counters, which will significantly reduce long queues for international travellers. Currently, Terminal 1 facilitates 37 immigration counters. With the commissioning of T3’s phase one (south), the terminal will operate nine gates and 10 aerobridges. As of now, T1 facilitates five aerobridges. More aircrafts at the same time The T3 terminal will be capable of operating 12 aircrafts at the same time. Once the second phase of…

Guest Blog
10 things to remember while buying a home in India

This is a guest blog post written by Prachi Varshney, who is a food blogger, writer and content writer based in Doha. You can find more about Prachi and her blog beneath this post. 1. Check your family and office travel mode first Do you travel a lot via metro, highways, railway stations or airports? Choose your prospective properties according to your mode of travel. Living near railway station when you travel via flights is total useless. Check your priorities to see if you wish to take home near office or near your kids’ school or near your relatives. Do not stay away from all three. 2. Online IP address frauds If you are checking online property portals, keep a pen and paper nearby to take notes of the properties on the beat. Property portals save ur IP address and when they feel that your are highly interested they start increasing that particular property rates slowly.…

NRI Achievers
Photos: NRI girl to represent Malaysia at Miss Universe

Kiran Jassal, a 20-year-old NRI of Punjabi origin, will represent Malaysia at the Miss Universe Finals next week. Born as Kiranmeet Kaur Baljeet Singh Jassal in 1996, Kiran Jassal won Miss Universe Malaysia title in 2016 and was awarded ‘Miss My Dentist Winning Smile’ subsidiary title. Kiran’s family shifted to Malaysia decades ago and is based in the suburbs of Subang Jaya town of Selangor state. She was trained in classical harmonium for nine years from the age of seven. She finished her A-Levels at Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar and was accepted into the dentistry programme at International Medical University (IMU). Participating and winning beauty pageants are testament to this family’s pride in their beauty and grace. Jassal is the youngest in a family of four. Her mother, lawyer Ranjit Kaur, was the winner of the Classic Mrs Malaysia title in 2015 while her sister Ranmeet, 25, is the Miss Grand…

NRI Achievers
US First Lady selects Indian-American teen for education campaign

US First Lady Michelle Obama has selected 16-year-old Indian-American Swetha Prabakaran to serve in the inaugural Student Advisory Board of an education campaign which seeks to provide educational opportunities for teenagers in America. Swetha, whose parents immigrated from Tamil Nadu’s Tirunelveli in 1998, was chosen for ‘Better Make Room’ campaign’s Student Advisory Board in recognition of her efforts to educate youth in the field of computer sciences. The board members will be traveling to the White House on Friday to attend Michelle’s School Counselor of the Year Ceremony. Born in Indianapolis, she is among seventeen students selected by the White House to serve on ‘Better Make Room’ Student Advisory Board. The inaugural Board has 12 high school students and five college students. Swetha, a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Virginia, is the founder and CEO of Everybody Code Now!, a non-profit body working to…

NRI Achievers
Indian-American elected as mayor of Californian city

For the first time, an Indian-American woman has been elected as the new Mayor of the key Californian city of Cupertino, globally known for its Apple headquarters. Savita Vaidhyanathan, an MBA who worked as a high school Math teacher and an officer in a commercial bank as well as in non-profit management, was sworn in last week in a ceremony attended by her mother who had flown in from India. “This is definitely a very momentous moment in my life,” Vaidhyanathan told a packed house at community hall in Cupertino. Savita is the first Indian-American Mayor of Cupertino, which according to Forbes is one of the most educated small towns in the country with local public schools ranking highly. According to her campaign website, Savita has been a Cupertino resident for over 19 years and has been deeply involved in several community activities in the city. “I’ve had several congratulatory…

NRI Achievers
Indian-origin teens bag $100K in US science contest

Three Indian-origin teenagers, including identical twin sisters, in the US have bagged a scholarship worth $100,000 in a science competition for their innovative research that will help doctors diagnose health problems like schizophrenia. Shriya and Adhya Beesam, 16, who are grade 11 students in Plano, Texas won the competition in the 17th annual Siemens Math, Science and Technology Competition on Tuesday for their project entitled, ‘Linked Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System: A Novel Approach to Schizophrenia Diagnosis’. Ingestible battery to diagnose health problems Vineet Edupuganti, a senior at Oregon Episcopal School, won the top individual award for developing an ingestible battery that could transform the way doctors diagnose and monitor health problems deep in the body. Edupuganti’s invention, which he calls a “high-performance biodegradable battery for transient electronics,” was appreciated by the judges at the contest. His work could simplify how medical practitioners diagnose conditions that affect internal organs, such as gastrointestinal disorders,…

Guest Blog
On International Men’s Day, Middle-East NRIs demand Gender Neutral Law & Men’s Commission

Everyone knows about International Women’s day, but very few people know that there is also an International Men’s day. On Women’s day, Social media sites are flooded with messages harping on women empowerment, their remarkable achievement & sacrifice. But on the contrary, people laughs out at the very idea about the existence of International Men’s day and question the need for such day. There was a time when women were allegedly oppressed and discriminated and so during the course of time they were given more rights, attention & power in the name of equality. But time has changed and today men are at the receiving end and subjected to reverse discrimination. “Men’s don’t cry” or “Men are stronger” are some of the phrases; are as offensive and regressive to Men that feminist feels otherwise. Albeit feminists also feel that women rights are human rights but men rights are not. Men…

Guest Blog
Guest Blog : Exploring Doha’s MIA Park Bazaar

This is a guest blog post by Doha-based blogger Nina Mathew. Her blog features some interesting perspectives and shares insider tips on life in Doha. You can find more about Nina and her blog beneath this post. The MIA Park Bazaar opened on 1st of October. Almost a hundred stalls have been set up in the park, with the beautiful museum building serving as the perfect backdrop. This year, the Bazaar will be open every Saturday from 12 pm to 7:00 pm up until April 2017. Now that the weather is finally better, it is the perfect family activity for a Saturday. The first section is for food. They have a variety of home-made ethnic foods stalls where you can taste authentic home cooked food. They had Malaysian, Syrian, Lebanese, Filipino, Indian, and Iraqi food on display. Every week, there will be different variety of food stalls. They also had…

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