Changes in exit permit are clear and simple

Changes in the exit permit system proposed by the new sponsorship law are clear and simple and no need for people to fear about it, says a senior official of the Ministry of Interior.

Brigadier Nasser Mohammed Al Sayed, Director of the Search and Follow-Up Department at the Ministry, said that the new sponsorship law has been completed fully and is in the final stage for issuance.

“Work on the new sponsorship law started long ago. Qatar took up this issue many years ago, because there is an international system existing in most parts of the world. We need to cope with this development. The idea was under study even before Qatar won the FIFA 2022 World Cup bid. The law is completed fully and is in the final stage for issuance,” Brigadier Al Sayed said in an interview with Al Watan Arabic daily.

He said the new law has taken into account the interests of the employees and the employers.

Regarding exit permits, the official said the new law has laid down a clear mechanism.  “People need not have to fear about this. It is simple, to be done according to rules and standards to maintain a balance between the interests of both sides (employees and employers),” he said.

He said that in most cases there is stable working relations between the two sides, although there are problems in few cases. “And to address this, the law has set a clear mechanism,” he added, without elaborating.

Source: The Peninsula

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