Cigarettes, sugary drinks gets costlier in Qatar as new tax comes into effect

In an attempt to discourage residents from consuming harmful and unhealthy substances, Qatar has increased the prices of tobacco products, cigarettes, energy drinks and carbonated beverages.

With effect from January 1, the prices of cigarettes and energy drinks were doubled while sugary drinks got dearer by 50 percent following introduction of a special tax.

A pack of Marlboro cigarettes that used to sell for QR11 now costs QR22, while the price for a pack of Pall Mall increased from QR5 to QR10, according to an official price matrix.

  • A 355ml can of Mountain Dew and Pepsi Cola that used to be sold at QR1.50 now costs QR2.25, while a 500ml bottle of Sprite now costs QR2.75 (earlier QR1.75).
  • The price of a 500ml bottle of Coca Cola has gone up from QR2 to QR3.
  • The 7UP 150ml can and Fanta Orange 150ml can, as well as the Coca Cola Light 150ml can and Mirinda Orange 150ml can used to sell for QR1.25 and now cost QR2, while the Coca Cola 355ml aluminium bottle is now at QR10.25 (QR6.75).

The official price matrix shows that the 400ml Gatorade Grape has gone up to QR6 from QR4, while the 355ml Minute Maid Lemonade sells for QR5.75 (previously QR3.75).

A 250ml Red Bull energy drink is now sold at QR9.50 from QR4.75, while the 355ml variety is selling for QR14 (previously QR7).

The 500ml Monster energy drink and the Monster Khaos Drink used to sell for QR11.25 but now cost QR22.50, while the price of a 355ml Power Horse energy drink jumped from QR5.75 to QR11.50.

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