Coming soon at McDonald’s: A Masala Dosa Burger!

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Fast food restaurant chain, McDonald’s is planning a breakfast revolution in India with a wide menu that will range from masala dosa burgers to anda bhurji, Economic Times has reported.

The world’s largest fast-food chain will introduce a masala dosa brioche – a burger laden with a grilled veg patty topped with chili powder sauce and anda bhurji i.e. scrambled eggs served with a bun.

The masala dosa brioche is part of the fast food giant’s forthcoming branded menu called McBreakfast, which includes Indian and western breakfast items such as scrambled eggs, waffles, and hash brown and spinach and corn brioches.

McDonalds Masala Dosa Briochee

McDonalds Masala Dosa Briochee (Image: McDonalds India)

The Indian inspiration extends to the masala and plain scrambled eggs, the company’s take on anda bhurji, served with a bun. The new offerings are also aimed at being healthy, with all the items except for hash browns being grilled.

McDonalds Anda Bhurji

McDonalds Anda Bhurji (Image: McDonalds India)

The new menu will be launched in 44 McDonald’s franchises in Mumbai, India’s main business hub, on Friday. It will be available between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m., the company said. It will gradually be extended to other Indian cities over the next few months.

Items on the McBreakfast menu will cost anywhere between 30 rupees for a hash brown and 213 rupees for a meal.

The company, which first introduced Indians to its burgers two decades ago, launched its breakfast menu in India back in 2010. There are more than 400 McDonald’s restaurants in over 65 Indian cities.

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McDonald’s already has several Indian items on offer in the South Asian nation, including the McAloo Tikki burger based on a popular street delicacy, and a wrap made out of paneer — a type of Indian cheese.

In the past, a host of foreign fast food chains and restaurants have been inspired with the local Indian flavour and cuisines and have curated their menu accordingly to lure the locals.

Published on 12 January 2017

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