Compare the fees for Indian schools in Doha 2020


Here is a round-up of annual tuition fees of Indian schools in Doha. We hope this would be useful to compare and plan for your children’s admissions. It would come handy for those moving to Qatar to plan their budgets.

MES Indian School3,4563,9063,9064,0994,0994,0994,9346,733
Ideal Indian School3,7104,1394,1394,4454,4454,4455,3217,362
Shantiniketan 4,6095,0165,0165,0165,3275,3276,1618,097
The Scholars International5,5005,7505,7505,750
Noble International School4,0485,5006,0006,0006,5008,0009,000
Bhavans Public School Matar5,4166,3996,3996,3997,3287,328
Bhavans Public School, Wakra & Midmac5,4646,4576,4576,4577,4497,5187,5188,518
Birla Public School 6,0607,4107,4107,4108,4308,43010,62012,510
Pearl School8,0009,0009,0009,0009,5009,500
Olive International School5,5009,2009,2009,7009,700
Loyola International School8,0009,2009,2009,7009,700
DPS Modern Indian School6,5009,2709,2709,27010,16010,16012,40013,765
Doha Modern Indian School8,41510,29010,29010,29011,74811,74815,30616,398
Rajagiri Public School13,00015,00015,00015,00015,000

Please Note :

  • These are Annual Tuition Fees for the schools taken from their websites.
  • Apart from Tuition Fee, many schools charge an Annual Special Fee about QR 500-1000.
  • Transportation Fee for these schools is between QR 2,400 and 3,600 per year (QR 200-300 per month).
  • For easy comparison, this list is sorted from the Lowest to Highest for Class I and above.

Feel free to let us know if any school has revised their fee and we shall update it.

Disclaimer: We strive our best to keep this list updated. The fees listed are as per the school websites. is not liable for any subsequent changes made to the fee structure. All figures are in Qatari Riyals.



  1. Bhavans taking for 2nd Standard 2100 QR for each term and transport 200 Qr because we are in Doha! This is for your info please upgrade your list.
    NRI, qatar

  2. When exactly the admission process stary every year and does any indian school admit the students during the mid year ?

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