Deceased Indian expat’s family to be paid Dh200,000

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The family of an Indian grocery staff who died while resisting a fraudulent customer will get blood money (diya) of Dh 200,000, the Sharjah Court of Appeal has ruled.

The court also upheld the verdict by the Sharjah Court of Misdemeanor against an Emirati, sentenced to one-year imprisonment and a Dh10,000 fine for causing the death.

45-year-old Mohammed Aboobaker, a sales staff at Al Raheem Grocery in Sharjah’s Al Hasana area was severely injured and hospitalised for 20 days, after which he succumbed to his head injuries.

According to a report on Khaleej Times, the family is planning to use the money to complete the dream home, which the victim had been slowly building in Chalischerry Panchayat in Kerala’s Palghat district.

Aboobaker’s family – including his sick father – has been living in a hurriedly-made single room on top of the foundation for the bigger house. The deceased is survived by his wife and children.

Tragic incident

The tragedy occurred in July 2015, when Aboobaker was just 10 minutes away from closing his shop at 10 pm, when a group of men drove up in a four-wheel drive outside the grocery and ordered telephone cards worth Dh450.

When he delivered the cards, the customer tried to flee the scene without paying. The salesman, attempting to prevent their escape, tried to hold on to the vehicle, but he got trapped and was dragged by the vehicle at high speed for about 100 metres after falling and hitting his head on the road.

The fall to the ground caused severe head injuries. He was first admitted to Sharjah Hospital and then moved to Umm Al Quwain Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries after 20 days.

Aboobaker’s wife and other family members could not afford the flight ticket to Sharjah, and he passed away without any family by his side.

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The fradulent customer who caused the accident tried to escape but Sharjah Police arrested him after a complaint was lodged by the grocery owner in Al Wasit Police Station.

Indian social workers and legal professionals from the Mohammed Al Salman Advocates Group have been trying to get justice for Aboobaker and his family, for whom he had been the sole breadwinner.

- Published on 17 December 2016

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