Doha-bound passenger dies onboard Jet Airways flight

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A passenger travelling in a Jet Airways flight from Delhi to Doha passed away onboard despite the plane being diverted to Karachi following the medical emergency.

Even as the flight was diverted and medical assistance duly coordinated prior to arrival at Karachi airport, “the guest succumbed on arrival in Karachi,” according to Jet Airways.

The incident happened on flight 9W 202 that departed from the national capital late night on Monday.

As the passenger reported sick during the flight, the airline decided to go for an emergency landing around 2 am in Karachi.

“Our flight 9W 202 of November 07, 2016 from Delhi to Doha was diverted to Karachi due to a medical health emergency on board. Since one of the guests developed a medical condition, the Captain decided to land at the nearest airport, given the emergency,” Jet Airways said here in a statement.

“Medical assistance was duly coordinated prior to the flight’s arrival, however, the guest succumbed on arrival in Karachi,” the airline said.

It added that it took “utmost care to ensure that the family of the deceased is duly informed and are also providing all the required assistance.”

Details about the passenger could not be immediately ascertained. As many as 141 passengers were on board the Boeing 737 aircraft.

After completing due medical procedures as per the public health rules, the aircraft left for India around 9.30 am on Tuesday, a Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) spokesperson told The Hindu.

It landed in Delhi at 11 am and all the guests onboard are being provided alternate flights along with other requirements such as refreshments and hotel accommodation.

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“The airline is planning re-accommodation on alternate flights for the rest of guests who missed their connections due to this unfortunate development,” the statement said.

The carrier has also expressed its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.

- Published on 8 November 2016 - By Neha Joshi / - Sources : PTI, The Hindu

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