Doha’s runaway tiger was part of Indian movie shoot

Last week a video had gone viral on social media showing a tiger running through the express highway in Doha.

Now we hear that the tiger was brought in to Doha for the shoot of the Malayalam movie

‘Marubhoomiyile Aana’ (Elephant in the desert) directed by V K Prakash starring Biju Menon in the lead.

The news was reported by Malayala Manorama on Monday that the tiger had escaped while being transported to the set of Malayalam movie ‘Marubhoomiyile Aana’ .

According to the daily, the tiger had been hired to shoot the hero’s introduction scene. The character was supposed to hold the animal by a chain while exiting his 4×4 vehicle.

The tiger was being transported to the shooting site in Umm Salal in a covered vehicle. But all hell broke loose when it escaped after the cage’s door accidentally opened.

Thankfully, the tiger’s trainers, who had been following closely in another vehicle, were able to take immediate control of the situation.

The film’s crew, unaware of the excitement created after the video went viral, completed the shoot and returned home. But local event managers, who had hired the animal, were apprehended.

The team which was responsible for transporting the animal was let go only after they paid a hefty fine, says the report in Malayala Manorama.

Touted to be an all-out entertainer, the Y.V. Rajesh scripted movie has wrapped up its first schedule of shooting.

Live footage and pictures, shot by motorists on cellphone cameras, had become popular on the internet, under the hash tag #DohaTiger.

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