Dubai Airports ban Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on all airlines

All passengers have been banned from carrying Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on any airline flying from Dubai airports.

A statement from the operator of Dubai Airports advised passengers not to bring the devices to the airport as they will be confiscated before boarding.

“In light of advisories from various aviation regulatory bodies and concerns raised by Samsung about its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, passengers are advised that these devices are prohibited on all flights leaving Dubai International and DWC,” the statement read.

The step came weeks after Etihad and flydubai prohibited carrying the phone in their planes after reports of burning and exploding batteries.

The UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority banned the use of the device on board and also banned the transport of the phone in luggage.

“Consumers should immediately stop using and power down all Galaxy Note 7 devices, including Note 7 devices received as replacements in the previous recall,” the agency said.

Earlier this month, the UAE Ministry of Economy asked Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners to return their phones to retail outlets and get their money back.

A statement from the Ministry of Economy said that they have a deal with the South Korean Company after the company announced that it was ending production of the Galaxy Note 7.

The statement said: “People shouldn’t use their Galaxy Note 7 phones and shut it down and returned it to the shops. They need to have a bill in order to return their money.”

More than 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones were recalled in October following unexplained fires and overheating problems.

The phone was discontinued last week just two months after its launch in August.

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