Dubai Police unveils latest speed radars for patrol vehicles

Dubai Police has revealed a new mobile radar, which will be fitted in patrol cars and can automatically catch speeding vehicles.

The new radar was being showcased on a Lexus RCF at Gitex Technology Week 2015, but is expected to be fitted on the regular Dubai Police 4×4 patrols and undercover patrols.

The radar’s camera is fitted on the patrol’s dashboard and the sensor and flash are fitted in the body of the vehicle, behind the number plate, Gulf News has reported.

The police officer in the patrol just needs to do is choose the speed of the street on a tablet inside the patrol and then drive around and the radar will do the rest.

How the radar works

The radar measures the speed it is going at, and the speed of the cars around it and subtract one from the other, giving an accurate reading of the speed at which the cars are travelling.

If the car is speeding, the radar will automatically record a speeding fine and send it through a system.

The radar can distinguish between light and heavy vehicles and has all the capabilities of a regular fixed radar.

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