School Transport Law: School buses in Dubai to activate e-tracking from April 1

Dubai RTA’s Public Transport Agency has announced a new bundle of improvements in the school transport sector today.

“Starting from April 1 this year, an electronic tracking system using GPS spatial technology will be operational. School managements would be allowed to modify the seating of large school buses (more than 50 seats) by fitting them with 2 x 3 seats provided 2 fire extinguishers, 2 attendants, and 2 First Aid kits are provided,” Adel Shakri, Director of Planning & Business Development, RTA’s Public Transport Agency said.

The introduction of these improvements is indicative of the special care and attention accorded to school transport as it directly relates to future generations, the agency said in a media statement.

No more mini buses

“March 1 had been set as a deadline for abolishing the use of minibuses (less than 6.2 meters in length) in school transport services, following the granting of an 18-month grace period to schools for phasing out this sort of buses from school transport fleets,” said Shakri.

“The implementation of the School Transport Law has played a crucial role in maintaining the safety of different age groups of students using school buses. This is evident from the drop in the number of annual accidents recorded in this sector by 10 per cent.,” continued Shakri.

“This sizable drop is attributed to the productive cooperation between RTA, school managements, school transport operators, and parents based on the compliance of school managements and school transport companies with the provisions & stipulations of the School Transport Law, as well as the recurrent campaigns launched by RTA,” he said.

“Among the key achievements made by the school transport sector in Dubai is cutting fatalities to zero in 2015. The implementation of the School Transport Law has brought about multiple dividends and triggered positive impacts bearing social, environmental, economic and educational dimensions,” he continued.

“The social aspect has motivated various segments to embrace the culture of mass transport, and boosted their confidence in the school transport, let alone the deployment of 50 buses customised to help the disabled students enjoy a safe & smooth mobility experience,” Shakri concluded.

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