Emirates incident: India salutes UAE’s hero firefighter

This post was originally published on 6 August 2016.

The Civil Defence Centre in the Indian State of Kerala has saluted the heroism of the Emirati firefighter who lost his life on duty while fighting the fire that broke out on an Emirates Airlines plane at Dubai International Airport on Wednesday.

The nation’s martyr Jassim Isa Al Balushi has become popular in India for his heroic act and sacrifice that cost him his life while saving other lives in the incident involving the Emirates Airlines flight from India to Dubai.

The Civil Defence Centre in Thrissur City, the cultural capital of India’s southern state of Kerala, posted a huge photo of Al Balushi on the front facade of the centre in tribute to his heroic act and sacrifice as a role model for firefighters across the world.

Al Balushi’s photo has also gone viral on social media platforms and he has become a popular hero in several Indian cities.

Source: WAM

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