Nearly 500 expat medical professionals to lose jobs in Saudi Arabia

Nearly 500 expat medical professionals working at the King Saud University will lose their jobs as the Replacement Administration in the Ministry of Civil Service refused to renew their contracts.

The university had requested the renewal of the contracts of 478 expat medical professionals.
But the ministry said these workers had spent a long period of time in the Kingdom and that there were qualified Saudis to replace them, Al Watan Arabic daily reported.

Sources told the newspaper that King Saud University had requested the Ministry of Civil Service to renew the contracts of 516 male and female medical professionals who had spent more than 10 years on the job.

The university’s request was studied by the Replacement Administration, which refused to renew the contracts of 478 employees. The Administration exempted seven consultant doctors and 31 assistant doctors.

Several Saudi postgraduate degree holders seeking jobs in Saudi universities are demanding a review of the contracts of expatriate workers in universities.

They also called for the implementation of the Civil Service Ministry’s requirement that a contract worker’s period of service should not exceed 10 years in Saudi universities.

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