Expatriates will soon have sticker-free Residence Permits

The Ministry of Interior is expected to begin issuing sticker-free residency permits (RPs) to expatriate workers and their family members soon.

No stickers will be stamped on the passports of expatriate workers and their dependents staying with them if they are issued RP or their RP is being renewed.

A pilot project launched by the ministry awhile ago on an experimental basis to assess the feasibility of the new system has turned out to be successful.

Following the project, authorities have given their nod for the issuance and renewal of sticker-free RPs to expatriates and their families.

The new RP issuance and renewal system is expected to be implemented “within days”, Al Sharq reported yesterday, quoting sources.

The RP section of the expatriate affairs unit at the Immigration Department issues some 7,500 RPs daily, including  an estimated 5,000 renewed ones.

All offices of the department, including its headquarters, branches and units working in the integrated service complexes of the Ministry of Interior, have been readied to provide the new RP issuance and renewal service.
Electronic and regular ID cards being issued will be replaced with new ones. The new ID cards will have a new design and will contain more details about the holder, including his or her address.

These cards could be used by expatriates and their families outside Qatar to show as proof of residence in Qatar as the cards will contain all details.

They could be used at overseas airports while boarding flights to Doha in place of RP stickers or as proof of residence for banking and other works overseas.

While in Qatar, during entry and exit at Hamad International Airport, an RP holder’s passport will suffice as immigration officials could check his or her RP details in their computer systems by keying in the person’s name or passport number.

Source : The Peninsula

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  1. parminder here
    I n working in qatar as a loader operator TILL DATE
    i m looking for family visa please guide me for RP viza .

  2. My Question is a very urgent one. Id request ur response as early as u kindly can.
    My wife’s RP is expiring on the 4th of next month; but my last working day in Qatar is on the 17th.
    Is it possible to get an extension of 15 or 20 days on her RP, instead if getting it renewed for the entire year (which as you know, is quite expensive too)!?
    Plz guide.
    Thanks & regards,

    1. Hi Imran, You don’t have to renew as there is a grace period of 90 days without fine. If you are going to leave Qatar, make sure to cancel her visa before leaving. You can do this 1 week before you leave. There is no fee for cancellation.

  3. Hi sir, I had done medical and finger print two weeks ago My pro told today(02.09.2015) only he goes to submitting my documents in immigration how many days it will take printing for new id card .

  4. NRICAFE ; I got the stated new kind of RP last week but do not have electronic chip of gold color and rest is ok .I do not know why ? please suggest

    1. Hi Vikas, The specimen shows smart card, which is available upon paying extra fee. Smart cards have electronic chip and can be used in self sevice machines. What you received is normal card, which is enough for most people.

  5. hullo sir. my 5year old son’s passport expired and i recieved a new passport. what are the procedures to renew the resident permit? should i submit a photo on white background and blood group?

    1. Hi Ebbin, Just go to MoI with old and new passports, your passport + RP and child’s photo. Blood group is not required as it is not included in Residence Card.

  6. Please advise what is the policy on handing over your RP CARDS at entrance of buildings who staff insist on this prior to entry, and who sometimes misplace them.

    1. Dear Shah, We couldn’t find any written policy on this. This is a common practice of good trust. Generally the security guard issues you a numbered visitor card instead of your ID. You can take legal action if they lose it.

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