Qatar Guide : Family Residence Visa Procedure 2019


If you’re thinking about bringing your family out to Qatar to live with you, you will need to arrange for residence visas for them.

If your monthly salary is over QR 10,000, your spouse and/or children are eligible for Family Residence Visas, under your sponsorship, once your residence visa and Qatar ID card have been issued.

Before you begin the application process for Family Residence Visas, check with your employer to see if they make provision for these. Employers are not obliged to process or pay for Family Residence Visas, but some companies do take care of this process as part of their policy.

One of the things to be aware of when applying for visas is that male children aged 25 years and over are not eligible to be on either parent’s visa; there is no age restriction for daughters, as long as they are not married.

There are certain simple administrative steps to follow when applying for Family Residence Visas. Your employer will usually take care of these administrative steps, so please check before you get started:

  • Your family can enter Qatar on entry visas.
  • They must then undergo the medical test and have their fingerprints taken.
  • The application for residence visas is only made after the medical tests have been completed.
  • The application process takes up to 6 weeks.

Spouses who wish to work, require special dispensation (in the form of a work permit) in order to be able to work while in their spouse’s sponsorship. This work permit is issued by the Ministry of Labor’s Employment Department.

When applying for a Family Residence Visa, you will need to prepare the following documents:

  • A completed application form [Download Form]
  • Passport copies of all family members to be brought in.
  • Copy of marriage certificate –  attested by your country’s embassy in Qatar, as well as Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Copy of children’s birth certificates – attested by your country’s embassy in Qatar, as well as Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • An attested copy of the employment contract to prove job and salary.
  • A copy of Employer QID / Company Registration Card.
  • A certificate of good conduct (PCC) for adults attested by relevant authorities.
  • Six months’ worth of bank statements (asked in some cases).
  • Copy of tenancy contract attested by Municipality OR electricity bill to show proof of address (asked in some cases).
  • If you have adopted children, statements of adoption as well as reasons for adoption will be required.

Things to remember when making your application:

  • You must have a Qatar ID / Residence Card before you apply for residence visas for your family
  • The form should be typed in Arabic and name & data should be typed as written in the passport. This can be done at a typing centre.
  • All copies should be clear and original documents are required when for visibility submitting the application for approval.
  • The applicant should pass the medical test outside the country as per the mechanism laid by the concerned authorities.
  • While you will only need to leave copies behind, you will need to show all originals at the time of application, so please be sure to bring all original documents with you (including bank statements)

You must earn at least QR 10,000 in order to be eligible to sponsor your family

TIP : It is advised to go a typing centre and get the application form done, as it is in Arabic. Also double check with the typing centre about procedure, as the rules change from time to time.


Visa issuance Fee: QR 200

Published on 1 October 2014, Last updated on 7 February 2019


  1. Dear Sir,

    I have 10,000+ and all the documents , But my friends just told only sales manager ,sales representative can get the family , not sales visa.. So was in confusion and my degree is B.E in civil and my pro is ready to come with me for visa process

    • on

      Hi, Sometimes they reject depending on factors like education/ sponsor etc. Why don’t you give a try as you won’t have to pay any fee until it is approved. If they reject, then you can think about changing profession in visa.

  2. Visa profession and Educational qualification mismatch put my family visa process on hold. I am a Chemical engineer by education and Communication engineer by visa. I met the visa requirement like house rent agreement, salary criteria , 6 months bank statement, but still unable to get family visa.
    It is the government granted me Communication engineer visa after verifying my certificates. When it comes to family RP, the same government is objecting to provide RP for family.

  3. Aside from garafah, what other area that caters processing of residence permit. We are rejected 3x of the same captain in garafa for the reason I am not an engineer

    • Please give me a suggestion,my husband applied family visa for me and my children.I got my visa ,still my children visa status show under processing.Please clarify when we ‘ll get approval ,this is ok or unusual…..Please clarify,we r worried too much….please

      • on

        Hi, Please wait for a few more days and if still no change in status, check directly with immigration. Keep in mind the Eid holidays.

    • on

      Hi, You can apply. Approval will be subject to your salary, profession and genuine need (being alone) for such a visa.

  4. Dear Sir,

    My salary is 7500 + and profession Accountant, wish to bring my family. My company has agreed to provide work visa for my wife. If that so, will my kid be able to accompany with her.? Or do i have to arrange family visa for my kid? Please clarify my doubt..

    • on

      Dear Anoop, If your wife wants to sponsor the child, her salary should be QR 10,000. Otherwise your salary should be QR 10,000 to bring both of them on family visa.

      • Dear Sir,

        I have sales visa,10,000 salary,All the required document .But i have certificate B.e(civil Engineer). Can i get family ?? is sales visa eligible for Family resident permit (only wife)

  5. I may have 6 Month Bank statement ready On November 2016 . But My company contract starts on 3rd June only .so 6 month will be completed on December only. So am I eligible for applying Family visa on November.

  6. Hi I am a resident in Qatar since 2008. I want to apply for family visa, company has agreed to give salary certificate comprising that accommodation is provided by company. I have other docs ready except Bank statement, tenancy contract, and salary less than 10,000/- Would I be eligible to get approve for family visa

  7. Dear All,

    I need Ql Guidance.

    I want to change my profession from Sales Man(In English) to Engineer(Civil engineer).

    Can you please tell me the procedure.

    I want to change my profession for my Family Visa.

    I have not yet completed one year in qatar. So is it possible to change my profession?

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