Fix Raw Partition without Losing Data


Sometimes your Hard drive partition becomes Raw without notice; this is not a good situation as it blocks your access to essential files stored in your hard drive. Just imagine the sudden and unexplainable disappearance of crucial documents, pictures, music, and other data, heartbreaking right?

When a situation such as this occurs, it may leave you confused and disturbed as you may not know how to go about resolving the issue, you may be left with the option of formatting but this in itself presents another problem as formatting forces you to lose important files and documents. So what do you do? How do you repair damaged Partition without losing data? You need not despair anymore; recoverit is here to rescue you from this dilemma. Here in this article, you will be schooled on why your hard disk partition sometimes becomes raw and given tips on how to recover Raw partition .

Reasons Why Hard Disk Partition Become Raw

Several reasons are sometimes responsible for why your hard drive partition becomes raw, and these could include:

  • When your disk is formatted in the wrong way: Wrong formatting of files on your hard drive can lead to your hard drive partition becoming RAW.
  • Attack by virus: When you upload corrupted files or documents, then you run the risk of converting your hard drive partition to a RAW form. Hence, it is essential to ensure your hard drive is free from virus. There is useful anti-virus software to prevent infection from attacking your files.
  • Structural damage in the file system
  • Having file systems that are not supported by the current OS of your computer
  • Presence of reading errors and large bad blocks: when trying to access the files on your hard drive, messages such as “you need to format the disk in drive before you can use it. Do you want to format it” when you get tons of messages like this, it means your hard drive is RAW and needs to be fixed. However, “do not” format as formatting will lead to loss of your files, and this is what we are trying to prevent.
  • Forceful access to file system/memory/drive/disk that is limited or denied
  • A forceful detachment of the external hard drive from the computer without using the “Safely Remove Hardware” option: The forceful detachment can be caused by several reasons ranging from sudden power failure to detaching the AC adapter. It is best always to use the “safely remove hardware option when you need to separate your hard drive from your computer more, especially if it’s external hardware. To do this, left click on the icon on the taskbar menu, click on your device from the menu option, and then wait a while to get a confirmation message before detaching.

For those who have lost their computer data at one point or the other before can testify to how painful it can be. When you lose relevant documents or are unable to access them because they turned RAW, it can be devastating. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through such trauma as with Recoverit; you get to fix the RAW Partition without having to lose your data.

Fix RAW Partition without the Need to Format in CMD

First of all, you must determine if there is physical damage to your Partition before you proceed, in this case, it’s more relevant to the external hard drive. If there is indeed detected physical harm, then you will need to contact professional recovery service personnel to help you fix it. Continued use of a damaged external hard drive will only lead to further degradation of the data and with time may cause the damage to be irreparable. If it’s an in-built hard drive, the problem is most likely to be internal hence can be repaired.

If the damage is not physical, then you may proceed to fix your RAW Partition. One of the ways of fixing the problem is, and this can be done by using CMD command process. This can be done in the steps outline below:

  • Locate the RAW Partition on your computer
  • Next, click on the start button and search for “command.” Once done, right click on the command option and through the various option showing on the screen, click on “Run As Administrator.”
  • Compute the Disk-part then press enter key afterward
  • Compute G: /FS: NTFS and after that press the enter button (your RAW storage device will appear as letter H)

By following the above instructions, you would have succeeded in converting your RAW drive into the NTFS file system. Hence, the data stored in your hard drive can once again be accessed; you have also succeeded in fixing your RAW Partition all without losing data.

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