French Handball Team gifted with Qatar’s National Dress

Building Cultural Bridges

Al Siddiqi Holding Offers Qatar’s National Dress to the French Men’s Handball Team 

The French Men’s Handball team received a unique token of intercultural friendship yesterday when they were presented with complete sets of the elegant Qatari national dress by Al Siddiqi Holding, through its home-grown Qatari Men’s fashion brand Al Shal.

The event was held yesterday at the Intercontinental the City, Doha, to mark the end of the 24th Men’s Handball World Championship that took place in Qatar in January 2015, in which the French team emerged as the winners.

The Qatar National Handball team itself posted a historical performance in the tournament, becoming the first-ever Arab team to qualify in the finals of the Handball World Championships and secure the Silver medal.

The French team members – both players and support team composed of close to 30 people – received the full set of traditional Qatari attire that is composed of a Thob (long tunic), a Ghotra (local head dress), a Serwal (traditional trouser), a Taqia (skull-cap), and an Iqal (rope).

The attire was completely made to measure in Qatar by Al Shal. Mahmood Almahmood, director of Al Shal, helped the players to dress up and explained how each piece of the outfit should be worn.

Mohammed Al Siddiqi, Board Member and Managing Director, Al Siddiqi Holding, said: “There is no better way to promote intercultural understanding than giving our guests a chance to experience our culture first-hand and take home a part of it. We are delighted to offer the national dress to the French delegation. Supporting such an amazing team, where players have given their best to succeed, is the perfect illustration of our vision – ‘Believe, Achieve, and Succeed’.

Al Siddiqi Holding has been an ‘Official Partner’ of the 24th Men’s Handball World Championship. The Qatar-based multinational business has given its full support to the Qatar 2015 Organising Committee by providing official uniforms and traditional Qatari attire such as thobes, abayas and shaylas for the team members and volunteers of the mega sporting event, that took place in Doha in January 2015.

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