From 88kg to 56kg: Khyati Rupani’s Story of Battling Weight Loss

Khyati Health O Meter

In the first article of our new series – Khyati’s Health O Meter – renowned dietitian Khyati Rupani speaks about her own experience with obesity and how she battled it out.

As a child, I was never skinny. I grew up to be slightly overweight with a broad frame. Things suddenly started going very wrong once I hit the 20s.

Even though I was trained in nutrition, I wasn’t following any diet rules. At 26, I was 88 kg and was diagnosed with PCOS. That’s when I realised what my lifestyle was doing to my health, that too at a young age.

The path to weight loss

The initial rules were simple : eating correctly, eating in right portions and not giving in to junk food. Even with most sensible diet, I still weighed 76kg

At that point, I befriended jowar, bajra, ragi and dalia; and reduced my fat intake as much as I could. I tried gym but since I had been operated for a slipped disc, heavy workouts were never an option for me. I couldn’t do most excercises, so I took up short, but regular, walking.

A few months later, I began aerobics and joined a gym. I could do only the mildest strength training and cardio, but I was focused. Since I couldn’t up the intensity, I focussed on technique. Within three months, my weight dropped to 64kg.

I practised portion control and when tempted to snack, I would ask myself: am I hungry or thirsty? Is it boredom or hunger? Ultimately, I had to tell myself that food wasn’t providing me with the comfort I imagined it did.

The results

Khyati Before After

As my weight began to drop, I could see a change in my clients’ outlook. Currently weighing 59 kg, I no longer perceive any mental barriers, whether at work or in my personal life and my clients keep me motivated.

I eat outside, have erratic meal times some days and also cheat a bit, but due to the maintenance, I know when to stop.

My biggest take-away over the last few decades? No one can eat special diet foods all their life, a more practical and doable approach works best.

In the coming weeks, we would be discussing more tips on weight loss and nutrition. I would also try to answer some of your questions.

You can also connect with me on Balance Nutrition (, where we provide personalised nutrition therapy to people all over the world, helping them lead better, healthier lives.

This is a guest post by Khyati Rupani, an accomplished dietitian and founder of Balance Nutrition.

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