From November 15, no exemptions for UAE visa procedures

From November 15, UAE’s General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs will not exempt anyone from new visa transaction requirements, officials said on Tuesday.

Last month, the GDRFA introduced new procedures for visa transactions, which are applicable to all UAE, GCC nationals, expatriates and residents of Dubai. According to Gulf Times, all visa transactions are now required to go through a new system called ‘Vision.’

No more photocopied documents

Photocopied documents will no longer be accepted for any applications at the GDRFA. The move stipulates that all GDRFA customers are required to submit original copies of the documents for scanning at the typing centres.

IBAN numbers are required

Sponsors are required to submit their IBAN numbers. All charges, including deposits, guarantees and file opening fees, will now be processed through the typing centres at the time of application.

While the new system is aimed at streamlining visa processes and procedures, it also helps in reducing the use of paper and the waiting time for customers at the GDRFA, as customers will be required to visit the immigration only after the approval of their online visa applications.

Documents required

Applicants, whether GCC nationals or expatriates, are advised to carry the following documents when visiting the typing centres for visa applications:

  • Sponsor’s original passport and Emirates ID
  • Original passport and Emirates ID of those being sponsored (for family residency visas, stamping and renewal)
  • Clear coloured copy of the sponsored persons (for permits for residence, employment and visit visas)
  • Coloured photographs of the sponsored persons with a white background
  • Labour contract
  • Labour card
  • Salary letter for those employed in private sector, free zone, government, trade licence if the sponsor is a partner or investor
  • Original tenancy contract
  • Attested birth and marriage certificates (if applicable)
  • IBAN number of the sponsor.

The new conditions are applicable to all GDRFA branches and typing centres across the emirate.
According to officials though the new rule is already in place, those who are already in the midst of carrying out transactions with the GDRFA may be exempted (depending on their situation).

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