UP Govt Launches Exclusive Website For NRIs

This post was originally published on 1 December 2014 and the content may be outdated.

In a bid to woo non-resident Indians (NRIs) from Uttar Pradesh to invest in the state, the state government launched a website for the late Sunday, officials said.

The exclusive website (www.upnri.com) aims to be a single-window gateway for the NRIs native to UP and now settled overseas, an official told IANS.

Claiming that the website received a large number of hits and queries within hours of its launch, Mohammad Wali Abbas, head of the information and technology cell of the NRI department in Udyog Bandhu, an autonomous government body dealing with investment, said that the website would “showcase to the world that UP (Uttar Pradesh) was pretty serious about investment, especially from the NRIs”.

Investment apart, the website, officials said would also encourage the emotional bonding of NRIs with their motherland, ensure the general welfare of NRIs and in case of emergencies monitor special problems faced by them and coordinate with the Government of India.

The NRI department would also offer to help in the coordination of technical, managerial and financial resources of the NRIs from UP.

A 24×7 call centre (Migrant Resource Centre) where NRIs can log complaints will be established and the UP government is also planning to felicitate outstanding performers from among the NRIs as per their approach and investment for the state.

Government officials said that the state would also celebrate “UP NRI Day” every year, beginning Jan 17 next year.

Madhukar Jaitley, advisor to the NRI department told IANS that the website was “by far the most serious and well-meaning effort by the state government to bond with the NRIs”.

SourceOne India / IANS 

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