Qatar Guide : How to add or delete spouse name in Indian passport

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This guide explains the advantages and procedure to be followed to add or delete spouse (husband or wife) name in Indian passport.

Advantages of adding spouse name

Adding your spouse name to your passport is not a legal requirement. The marriage certificate is good enough document in most cases. However in some case, this will be great help, such as :

  • While applying for your children’s passport

As per Indian Passports website, if either parent of a minor holds a valid passport with spouse name endorsed, passport will be issued to the minor without any police verification.

If parent(s) hold a valid passport, but spouse name is not endorsed, then they must get the spouse name added in their passport.

If father is abroad, then a sworn affidavit attested by the Indian mission along with attested photocopy of passport needs to be submitted OR Annexure G can be submitted by mother.

  • While travelling and staying in hotels

Many hotels and resorts, especially those in India, insist that they would give room only to married couples. Since it is not convenient to carry marriage certificates during travel, showing the spouse name in passport would be an easier alternative.

  • If marriage certificate is in local language

In India, a large number of marriage certificates are in local languages, especially those issued in temples. In such cases, adding the spouse name to passport would be a good option.

Despite the above advantages, it is still at the discretion of the passport holder to decide if they want to add spouse name or not. Many nationalities do not even have the option to add spouse name in passport.

If you decide to add spouse name, read on :

Passport should be reissued / renewed

Endorsing spouse name by writing in the passport has been discontinued by Indian Government.

This means if you want to add the name of your spouse, you need to apply for reissue / renewal of your existing passport.

Please note the following points before applying :

  • To add spouse name, you can apply for reissue of passport even if your passport has several years validity remaining.
  • You can also make other changes (such as address or name) during this renewal. Supporting documents would be needed for those changes.
  • Passport number and expiry date would change as you will be having a new passport.
  • This means you will have to update in several documents such as QID (This is not compulsory as you can still travel with two passports).

Documents required to add spouse name

To add spouse name in passport, the applicant has to submit the following documents :

  • Application Form EAP-I (available for free at Indian Embassy or can be downloaded here)
  • Data sheet – EAP- 1D Form (available for free at Indian Embassy or can be downloaded here)
  • Applicant’s passport (original + copy)
  • Spouse’s passport (original + copy)
  • Applicant’s Qatar ID copy
  • Two photographs – 51 x 51 mm – White background
  • Marriage certificate (original + copy) issued by Registrar of Marriages. If certificate was not issued by Registrar of Marriages, it should be attested by an Indian Government authority.

Documents required to delete spouse name

In the unfortunate case of spouse’s death or divorce, the applicant has to submit the following documents to delete spouse name:

  • Application Form EAP-I (available for free at Indian Embassy or can be downloaded from Embassy website)
  • Data sheet – EAP- 1D Form
  • Applicant’s passport (original + copy)
  • Applicant’s Qatar ID copy
  • Two photographs – 50 x 50 mm – White background
  • Death certificate issued / attested by an Indian Government authority
    Divorce deed duly authenticated by court, as the case may be

Fee for new passport

  • The fee for Ordinary Passport is  QR 275/-
  • The fee for Jumbo Passport is  QR 370/-

Reissue / Renewal through ICC

Renewal of passports can also be done through Indian Cultural Centre (ICC) at Abu Hamour (Click for location). The documents required are same as above. ICC Service charge is QRS. 10/- for each service.

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Timing for submission of documents at ICC

  • Saturday – Thursday: Morning 9.00 am to 12.00, Evening 4.00 pm – 9.00 pm
  • Friday: Morning 8.30 am – 11.00 am, Evening 4.00 pm – 9.00 pm

Click for ICC Website. Tel No : 4468 6607

– Aneesh V

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