Guide: How expats in Qatar can calculate end of service gratuity


Qatar’s Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs recently launched a new online service on its official website for expatriate employees.

This new service allows individuals to calculate their end of service gratuity according to the number of working years he spent at the company.

  • Expatriates have to enter data in accordance with the contract signed between him and the employer.

Although the service is available only in Arabic, non-Arabic speakers can also easily calculate ESB by following these steps:

STEP 1 : Click on this link to open the webpage. You will see this page:


STEP 2: In the first field, enter your Date of Joining (as per your contract)  

STEP 3: In the second field, enter your Last Working Date

STEP 4: In the third field, enter your Basic Monthly Salary (as per your contract) 

STEP 5: In the fourth field, enter the Gratuity Days accrued for each year (for example 21 days for one year). You have to refer to your contract for this.

STEP 6: Click on the bottom button and you can see the result.

This service was introduced to ensure greater transparency and to make foreign employees aware of their rights.

The end of service benefit is calculated under the Labour Law No. 14 of 2004.

Published on 28 January 2017



    Dear Sir.
    I am work with company from 2000 till today with same company my first agreement in 2000 and second agreement in 2010 & 2013
    how many days per year calculate my EOS Please reply

    Best Regards


    • Hello sir

      Thus a company have the right to compute the gratuity for 21 days only. Even though I work for this company for almost 12 years…

      I need your reply sir…..

      • Pusparaj gautam on

        Dear sir i am working in qatar since 10 years ago now managment is telling to me our company rules has change and they are giving to me one application paper and giving to sign on paper they said you must sign if didn’t sign must resign ! And if i sign mistakely i make small mistake during my warking period they said you will terminate
        And you will not take your 10 years benefit it is tru sir ! Pls need suggestion thanks


      Dear Sir;

      I started worked in the company last December 25, 2011 and i would plan to for good this coming December 25, 2019, How much do i take from the company, every vacation my employer didnt give me vacation pay for almost 7 years of service with the company, i’ll never receive any vacation leave pay. It should be possible that he will oblige me to pay for vacation leave plus graduity. Please advise.

  2. i changed my visa to new company.But not signed any contract with new company.Now I wanted to leave Qatar.So after that can join some other company with out NOC.Because no contract between me and the company & My id will expire on May 4TH 2017.Pls suggest..33895324

  3. Dear sir/madam
    i ask about my salary in my contract i earn 6000 after i few month my manager give a letter that my new salary 4,500 because he did not satisfied my work or i have make a mistake it is possible to change my salary pls help and make a suggestion about this matter


    I am working since 30/10/2016 in Qatar, I want to know can I entitled for Gratuity and leave salary for period of joining 30/10/2016 & end of service 06/09/2018 total 1 year 10 month 6 days, for your kind information I am already received 1 year leave salary

  5. Cristopher Bautista on

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I am start working in my company since 02-Sep-2009 and my last working day is on 31-May 2019, as per my company I have total of 9.75 years in the company, my last basic salary is 5,300 QAR. The question is, how much the company to be paid me for my EOS?

    Thanks in Advance…

  6. Mark Andrew Valles on

    Hi..I am working in my company since September 01,2012 and my last working day is this coming September it mean I want work here for almost 7 basic salary is 1,450 QAR..I would like to know how much the to be paid me for my EOS..?and what I can do if my company will not able to follow what’s in the Qatar basic law about how to compute the EOS…??

    Thanks in ADVANCE…

  7. hi

    i am working in my company since january 2019 . here terminating for me with notice peroid last date 10-12-2019
    almost 11 month working. please tell end of benifits. my basic salary 4000 qar

        • Please help me to calculate my end service salary amaunte my salary is 2250 with 10 duty fixed new my 2 years and 1month next month I am going and of my servise I want to no how much they pay my servise mony

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