Guide: How Qatar residents can appeal against traffic violation


Qatar’s Ministry of Interior has added two new services to the Metrash2 application. The first service allows the public to contest registered traffic violations against them while the second service allows the public to report traffic violations using “Communicate With Us’ option.

The General Directorate of Traffic, represented by the Licensing Department, in collaboration with the General Directorate of Information Systems, unveiled the new services this week.

How to contest a traffic violation through Metrash2 application?

If you feel that you have been issued a wrong traffic violation ticket, you can file an objection within a period not exceeding fourteen (14) days from the date of registration of the violation.

In order to object a violation:

1. Login to your Metrash2 app and click on “Traffic”.

2. On the Traffic Services page, click on “Violation Service” which will take you to Violation Service page.

3. You can check violations on “Query/Traffic Violations”.

4. If you found a violation ticket that you suspect is not correct, you can click on “Violation Objection”.

You will receive a reply by SMS within a period not exceeding 15 days from the date of registration of the objection.

If the violation is found correct, the normal procedure will apply. If found incorrect, the violation will be removed.

  • Note: As per Metrash2 application, objection is not allowed for radar violations.

A violation cannot be contested if the fine is already paid or if it has been contested already once.

How to report a traffic violation through Metrash2 application?

The updated Metrash2 app now has an option called “Communicate With Us” through which you can report different types of traffic violations committed by other drivers on public roads and other places.

Note: To report traffic violations, a clear picture of the violation with the number plate of the vehicle with specifying location and time is required.

In order to report a violation:

1. Login to your Metrash2 app and click on “Communicate With Us”

2. Click on “Traffic”.

3. Click on “Report Traffic Violation”

4. Fill the page that asks for more details, upload photo of violation and click on “Send”.

Traffic Violations Section of the Licensing Department at the General Directorate of Traffic will verify the information before registering a violation.

In addition, there is also an automated response system launched recently by the Directorate on its public service number of +974 234 4444, where the public can inquire about traffic violations, driving licenses, vehicles and number plates, technical examination, service for people with disabilities, traffic awareness, traffic patrols and traffic investigations through this number. It works 24/7 and calls are received in Arabic and English.

Published on 16 July 2019

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