Guide : How to apply for newborn baby passport in India

Passport is the most important document required for traveling abroad. At one point of time, issuing of a passport was a tedious task and most people would rely on travel agents for the same.

The agents’ charges for getting you the newborn baby’s passport were even higher. Thanks to the revolutionary measures and extensive digitalization, it is now much easier to obtain a passport in India. So, here are the steps for obtaining passport for new born baby:

Birth Certificate

At the time of your baby’s birth, generally, the hospital will give you a form regarding the relevant details that will be sent to government bodies to obtain the birth certificate. So, you don’t have to worry too much about the procedure. However, in some cases you might need to apply yourself:

Birth Certification Procedure

Assuming that you have filled all the information correctly the birth certificate should be issued within 2-4 weeks.

Documents needed


Be very careful with the information, names and spellings as they can present a major issue at the time of applying for the passport. So, once you receive the birth certificate match the information and spellings carefully and apply immediately if there is any discrepancy.

Obtaining Passport for your new born baby

Due to high-end digitalization, obtaining the passport has now become a lot easier. Besides, the passport department has also revolutionized the overall system aimed at offering utmost convenience to the applicants.

Depending upon various situations you need to carry different forms to the passport office. Here are the details:

On the website, you will find several annexure forms for parents. Take the print out of the one that applies to you. Here are the details of relevant annexure forms:

Annexure H

Annexure G

Annexure C

If only one parent holds a valid passport then s/he needs to have his spouse name endorsed on it. If it isn’t already endorsed then s/he needs to reapply for the passport and endorse the spouse name in personal particulars.

Likewise, if one parent is non-Indian s/he has to declare that s/he doesn’t have objection applying for India passport and they have not applied for baby’s passport in any other country.


If both the parents reside abroad they can make a joint sworn affidavit appoint a local guardian who can submit applications. The affidavit should be duly attested by the Indian mission in that country.

If the guardian is not one of the grandparents of the child an affidavit with 2 responsible persons is also required.

At the office

The Passport office has a modern ambiance and offers an array of convenient services. The staff is courteous and helpful.

They especially take care of specific categories like elders; minors etc. and ensure that they should not face unnecessary inconvenience during the process. For minors’ passport there is a simple 3 steps procedure:


Upon producing you application receipt and going inside, you will be given a file with a token number on it. At the waiting area, your name will be displayed on the monitor telling where to go.

Step1: Here your originals and baby’s fingerprints will be taken by the official. It takes up to 10 minutes. It is the most vital step as your child’s passport will be made on the originals provided here. Ensure regarding the information accuracy and spellings as the baby’s passport will be based on the originals provided.

Step 2: Additional verification by the government employee is done and within 5 minutes the pressure is completed just the cross verification

Step 3: The passport issuing official who will only ask for your originals and frees you within 4 minutes
After that go to the exit section and give them your token number and application receipt. They will give you acknowledgment receipt that will tell you minor things like verification required or not. Email will be given for printing fast dispatch message between 10 and 15 days

Time Duration and Fees