Guide: Medical test for visit visa extension in Qatar


Visit visas to Qatar are normally issued for 30 days only and can be extended after arrival. A medical test is compulsory for extension of the visit visa. This guide explains the process required for medical test.

Timing of the medical test

The medical test can be done any time before expiry of the visit visa. Considering that the test results may take up to 3 working days to be updated, it is advised to do it at least few days before expiry. 15-20 days after arrival in Qatar would be ideal.

Locations for medical test

Most people opt to do medical tests at the government-run Medical Commission Office in Doha.

The tests may also be carried out in authorized primary healthcare centers (Al Shamal Healthcare Center, Al Khor Healthcare Center, Al Wakra Healthcare Center).

The below process is about medical test in Medical Commission office which is the most preferred location.

Qatar Medical Commission Location

Medical Commission Office in Doha is located near Woqod Petrol Station near Industrial Area (Abu Hamour). Here is the location map:

Medical Commission Timing

Medical Commission is open from 7 AM to 12 Noon and 2 PM to 7 PM on Sunday to Thursday. Friday and Saturday are holidays.

Afternoon session during mid-week days are comparatively less crowded for families. Keep in mind that on busy days, they may stop issuing tokens 1-2 hours before closing.

Documents required for medical test

Following are the documents required for medical test (for visit visa extension):

  • Original passport of the visitor
  • Clear copy of visit visa with a cell phone number to call for emergency
  • Debit/Credit card for payment of the fees

Fees for medical test

  • The fees for medical test is QAR 100 per person
  • Debit/Credit card is required for payment. Cash payment is not allowed.
  • If you don’t have a Debit/Credit card, there is a bank counter near women’s entrance which can issue temporary debit card for a small fee.

Entrances to Medical Commission

The Medical Commission Office has separate entrances for male and female visitors. Upon entering the main gate, turn right for female entrance. For male entrance, go straight and take right after the main building.

Men are not allowed to accompany female visitors, even if it is a relative. If the female visitor is someone who might need assistance, one female can enter along with the visitor.

The men’s section usually allows only the visitor to go inside (unless the visitor is old or physically challenged). So if you are giving your Debit/Credit card to the visitor make sure you give the card’s PIN code also.

Note that there are several entrances to Men’s section – one of them is for X-Ray and another is for employment visa medical test. Check with the security at the entrance and make sure you are waiting at the right place.

Medical test procedure

The medical test in Qatar consists of screening for HIV and Hepatitis B and C. Permit applications are rejected if HIV tests are positive. Visitor will also receive a chest X-Ray for tuberculosis. Here is the detailed process:

  1. Upon entering, take a token number from the machine at entrance (or someone will be there to issue tokens)
  2. Go to the registration counter when your token number is shown on screen
  3. Give the original passport and visa copy (with contact number)
  4. After entering the details in the system, they will ask for payment. Pay QR 100 using the debit/credit card.
  5. They will give back the passport, visa copy as well as a print out with MC number
  6. Go to the area designated for Blood Test (there are clear directional signs)
  7. The receptionist will check the print out and issue the bottle for blood sample
  8. Go to the nearby room for blood drawing (receptionist will guide you)
  9. After blood test, go for chest X-Ray which is in another area (follow the directional signs)
  10. Once X-Ray is done, you can leave

Sometimes X-Ray is done before blood test. The staff will guide you depending on the availability. In either case, you have to do both the tests on same day. There is another room for physician’s check-up, which is not needed for visit visa extension.

Total time required depends on how crowded the place is. On a lucky day, you may wrap-up everything in 30 minutes. On another day it may even take 4-5 hours.

Medical Test result

Usually the medical test result is available within 24 hours. In some cases, it may delay up to 3 working days.

If the sponsor has activated Metrash2 on his phone, the result will be sent as SMS. If Metrash2 is not activated, you can check on the Ministry website. Here is the link to the website for medical test result.

Medical Test for children

For children, there will be no medical test. However they need to be taken to Medical Commission office with their passport and visa copy. Also the fees of QR 100 needs to be paid.

Once the medical test is passed, the sponsor can immediately extend the visa online or through Metrash2. Visa extension can also be done by visiting MoI service centre. The visa extension fee is QAR 200 per 30 days. For visitors, the visa can be extended for up to 150 days after the initial 30 days (total of 180 days).

When renewing through Metrash2, make sure you select the correct number of days. By default, the number of days shown is 150 which means you would end up paying for 5 months extension.

If you are renewing the same visa for a second time, no medical test is required again.


Published on 16 April 2017, Updated: 8 June 2019



    Family Visit Visa
    Families of sponsored residents may enter Qatar on a short-term Family Visit Visa.

    The visa holds one month validity. However, relatives who wish to stay beyond one month may have to undergo physical examination within the first 72 hours of arrival and seek an extension. The visa can be extended to maximum of six months (five months in cases of immediate family members and two months for second-degree relatives).

    The second degree relative includes father, mother, sister and children, and can be extended for just two months in case of other relatives

    • Any one can give the link of website to check the medical test result for family visit extension ‘in Doha Qatar

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