Have you noticed these 10 violations mentioned in Sharjah tenancy contracts?

This post was originally published on 21 February 2016.

If you are a Sharjah resident, you should be having a copy of your tenancy contract. However, have you noticed that it mentions 10 violations and the respective fines for each of them? If not, check them out here :

  1. Washing cars on public streets is an uncivilised act and can result in a fine of Dh500
  2. Keep your city clean to avoid a fine of Dh1,000
  3. Hanging clothes on balconies distorts public appearance of the city and attracts a fine of Dh500
  4. Throwing bottle cups, cigarette butts or tissues from cars to the streets leads to a fine of Dh500
  5. Playing football or cricket at undesignated areas such as green spaces results in a fine of Dh500
  6. Grill on grass or green areas attracts fine of Dh500
  7. Smoking shisha in public parks and beaches attracts fine of Dh500
  8. Causing intentional damage to municipal properties on streets and public squares leads to a fine of Dh2,000
  9. Damaging plants or grass in public parks attracts a fine of Dh500
  10. Accompanying pets to the public parks results in a fine of Dh500

In addition to these, the municipality launched a campaign last month, warning residents to park their vehicles properly and not to occupy more than one parking slot. The fine was set at Dh500 plus the cost of repair of the compounds.

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