How to keep your gadgets and devices clean


In today’s homes there are a number of tech devices and gadgets, from earphones, tablets to smartphones. Despite looking at our smartphones 60 to 80 times a day, we don’t really think about how to keep it clean.

Here are some Do’s and Dont’s provided by on how to keep the gadgets hygienic:

1. Earphones

Why are they dirty?

Wearing earphones or headphones can cause acne, breakouts and skin infections. This happens as the sweat and moisture collected around the earphones compresses the skin and encourages bacteria to multiply.


  • Use a cloth, dipped in soap water to wipe the earphones. Also a make-up removal tissue can work wonders
  • If there are silicone detachables or if you need to deep clean the metal parts, you can also use a dry brush


  • Don’t share earbuds! According to a study, harmful bacteria can transfer quite easily from one’s ear to another

How often should I clean my earphones?

Over-the-ear headphones should be wiped daily and also your skin must be cleaned to avoid transferring the bacteria. For a more complete cleaning and for simple headphones, once a month works fine. If you have leather mufflers, then a weekly wipe would be advisable.

2. Smartphones and Tablets

Why are they dirty?

Studies show that smartphones can be covered in up to ten times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Also, an analysis of handset devices found out that almost one quarter had ten times more bacteria than the accepted TVC for bacteria to meet proper hygiene.


  • Use a microfiber cloth regularly to clean the screen
  • For a deeper clean, make sure your device is off. Then disinfect and remove excess dirt by using a mixture water and vinegar – just a little bit!
  • When you do a full cavity clean of the phone, make sure you turn it off, and remove the battery and sim card. Use a cotton bud to get those hard to reach places.


  • Don’t spray cleaning solutions directly on the screen, put it on a cloth first and then clean

How often should I clean my phone?

Every other day wipe the screens. For deep cleaning, set regular periods (every one or two weeks) depending on how much you use it.

3. Laptops/Notebooks

Why are they dirty?

Your notebook keyboard holds 5 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Studies have found more than 3,000 organisms per square inch on keyboards and more than 1,600 on the mouse. They can lead to diseases and food poisoning as the organisms can be transferred when you touch your mouth or eyes.


To clean the screen, mouse and other flat surfaces, the same process described above works fine. For the keyboards:

  • Make sure the notebook is off/keyboard is unplugged
  • Clean the keyboard using a big soft brush (makeup brushes work well) to dust it or you can spray compressed air to remove the dirt between the keys


  • Don’t try to vacuum your keyboard or notebook pad with a normal vacuum cleaner, it can potentially damage the components

How often should I clean my notebook/laptop?

Once a month, or more, depending on how often you have lunch on it!

4. Smart Watches

Why are they dirty?

The screens of smart watches have a lot of interaction with your fingers, picking up grease and general grime. In addition, the strap of the watch collects a lot of sweat and dead skin.


  • Diluted soap in tepid water or a 1-20 solution of vinegar and water should clean up most areas on your smartphone
  • Clean the straps vigorously, as they collect a lot of dirt and mildew on them


  • Soak your smartwatch if it isn’t waterproof
  • Soak leather strapped watches – you may ruin them. Instead wipe them with a cloth dipped in the aforementioned solutions

How often should I clean?

You should wipe the screen daily, to remove any unpleasantness, clean the wristband once a week and give it a deep clean once every 6 months.

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