How to Save Money on Travelling While Studying in College


Your college years may seem the best time ever to travel and explore the yet unknown to you parts of the world. However, we know how much students may struggle with managing their finances appropriately, and traveling may seem like an expensive hobby. If you’ve ever wanted to spend a weekend away from Essay Writing assignments at college without having to pay a fortune for tickets and accommodation, EssayShark specialists have got you covered. Here are the 7 most useful tips on saving money while traveling in college.

1. Use low-cost means of transportation

Usually, you may look at either flight or train tickets and become anxious for a good half-hour due to the high prices. However, this is not a reason to abandon your desire to discover the world. Take a (maybe not so) deep dive into the suggestions of Google and explore the possibilities of low-cost traveling in your area.

Nowadays, many airlines have made it easier to travel with affordable flights. Of course, this comes with some limitations regarding luggage size, but who cares if you can visit the city you’ve always dreamt of? More than that, be sure to check available busses and trains. While the duration of travel may not be exceptionally impressive and delightful, the prices and views are worth the trouble. Also, remember that the prices are usually slightly decreasing during the low season.

2. Think twice about getting souvenirs

That’s a pretty obvious tip, we know, and you’ve probably heard it a thousand times already. However, it does not mean that you should forget about it. Making memories is not always about bringing a bunch of souvenirs for every person you’ve ever known.

Let’s be real, saving up for a future trip is probably better than spending a few dozens of dollars on a T-shirt you’ll wear twice. So, keep yourself away from gift shops and, if someone dear to you wants a souvenir, try to make it personal, sentimental, and as close to free as possible. A postcard with a note would usually be a good enough present.

3. Think about accommodation

While the idea of staying at a luxury hotel during your travels may seem fascinating, it is better to put it off until after college. For now, we’d recommend settling for something less expensive, which, however, doesn’t mean worse. First of all, keep in mind CouchSurfing, a service that allows you to find free accommodation worldwide, meet locals, and make new friends.

The community’s safety policy is strict, which is why you shouldn’t have to worry about anything. However, if you are nevertheless concerned for your safety, explore local hostels. When making a booking in advance, you’ll get a chance to get a room in an impressive location for a fair price. More than that, many hostels offer breakfast, which is important when you’re trying your best to save money.

4. Do not waste money on cabs

We know that the idea of calling Ubers in a new city to commute between tourist attractions may seem tempting. However, while you may be impressed by the views, your bank account will feel rather scared. For you to deal with distances, we have a few suggestions. First, enjoy walking.

You may be able to experience the majestic views of the city, to which the locals have gotten used to; also, a little exercise never hurt anyone. Second, use public transportation. While being cheaper than a regular taxi, buses and trams can show you just as much as an expensive city tour would. Not a bad investment of a few dollars, right? Lastly, explore the option of renting a bike. Once again, an enjoyable exercise, fascinating views, and no harm to the environment.

5. Bring a friend

If you want to experience more fun for less money, be sure to grab a friend or two along with you. Not only will you be able to split the price of accommodation and meals but also will get so much more for each cent you spend. It seems to us that this tip has no drawbacks at all; only positive emotions, life-long memories, and more savings.

6. Don’t eat out

We know that trying the traditional cuisine of the country you’re visiting will only contribute to the positive impressions of the trip. Also, how tempting is it to just place an order and enjoy some good local food? It sure seems more appealing than going to a supermarket, but trust us, your wallet will be grateful. Often times, hostels have kitchens for you to prepare simple meals. Also, Airbnb and CouchSurfing places will let you cook in the comfort of a regular house. Do not hesitate to go to a supermarket, and a night of eating out may be saved for a special night with your friends.

7. Enjoy free tours

In many places around the world, free city tours are available. Such a way of exploring the city has so many advantages, and no drawbacks whatsoever. First of all, yes, the tours are completely free. The guides are usually just locals who are passionate about tourists discovering the city. Although you are allowed to tip them, no one is there to force you.
While joining a free walking tour, you will get a chance to discover the most groundbreaking parts of the city, receive suggestions from the locals, and meet new people. And all of that for free and just within a few hours! Can you even believe it?
If you’ve ever felt like travelling is an expensive hobby that is unavailable to regular college students, forget it. If you take into account the tips on how to save money on trips, you’ll surely be able to discover the world around you. So, be open to new adventures, spin the globe, and grab a backpack. With the revealed above recommendations, nothing will stop you from your wonderful experiences, even if you feel that your shoestring budget might be a constraint. No, it isn’t, for certain.

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