Online school iCademy Middle East witnesses 4 times growth in enrolments from students in the region

iCademy Middle East

iCademy Middle East, the only KHDA approved online school announced that it had witnessed 4 times growth in its enrollment from students in the Middle East as compared to the same period last year.

According to the school, the increase comes as a response to the substantial rise in COVID-19 cases that have caused students and parents to opt for online schooling. The school has witnessed a 40% increase from Qatar. The school stated that the spike in Qatar was reported from the local and expat citizens of the country.

The Global Adaptive Learning Market is expected to reach USD $4.98 Bn by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 20%. Significant factors driving the growth of the adaptive learning market include the rising demand for advanced and innovative eLearning software & solutions, demand for personalized learning, and government initiatives for adaptive learning solutions.

“The increase in COVID-19 cases has led to a substantial increase in our enrollments from KSA. This growth can be attributed to 3 main factors – the ease with which students can have access to qualitative education, our online school’s ability to create customized teaching methods and access to time & resource-saving features. Digitization has dissolved boundaries and unlocked opportunities for students and parents to scale beyond physical & geographical limits without any burden on personal capital,” said Cody Claver, General Manager of iCademy Middle East.

Cody Claver, General Manager – iCademy Middle East
Cody Claver, General Manager – iCademy Middle East

iCademy employs over 100 staff members. The growth has allowed them to scale-up and hire more teachers last year. Families sought iCademy Middle East for a variety of reasons. Students might be involved in an extracurricular program or high-level sports and have busy schedules. Most of the students who opted for iCademy were seeking a more flexible but rigorous schedule.

At iCademy, students are given a weekly calendar to follow along with the support of their online teacher. Throughout the week, teachers host live lessons, and kids log on to synchronously engage with their classmates and teachers. If they need additional support, teachers are on call each day in their virtual classroom and teachers also put together small support groups.

iCademy Middle East has various start dates throughout January through April. Students may transfer this spring to study their second term at the only KHDA licensed and NEASC accredited online school. If you have just arrived in Dubai or your child has been out of school, you can make an application to study with iCademy Middle East this February and start from the very beginning of the school year during our February start dates. The flexible schedule and start dates allow for students to transfer or start the year at our online school at any time. Admissions are open to all students across GCC, including current public and private school students.

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