India eases eMigrate system for overseas recruitment

This post was originally published on 3 September 2015.

Government of India has modified its online recruitment system after a plethora of complaints from foreign employers, workers and recruitment agencies.

Due to glitches in the ‘eMigrate system’, thousands of blue-collar Indian workers had lost jobs in the UAE and other GCC countries.

Khaleej Times reports that Thousands of visas had expired and blue-collar labour recruitment from India came to a halt since the launch of the system here on July 1.

The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs has issued an order directing changes in the system.

What’s new in the revamped system

  • The new system will auto-generate job IDs and job codes for foreign employers, which will help them generate employment contracts from the system itself.
  • Foreign employers need to secure attestation of visas from Indian missions before they upload it to the system to get the job ID and job code.
  • Workers who required emigration clearance (ECR) do not have to visit the office of the Protector of Emigrants (PoE) for clearance. Instead, they can apply online for emigration clearance after receiving the attested visa and employment contract signed by the employer.
  • Workers can pay the emigration clearance fees to the PoEs online. They can also pay it through the State Bank of India and submit the receipt to PoE by hand.

How the system works

Foreign employers recruiting directly should sign up with the eMigrate system, obtain a user ID and password.

They should get the job visas for the potential employees attested at the Indian missions offline, upload them in eMigrate; and, using the system, generate job contact, download it and send it to the job applicant.

They also need to submit the hard copies of the required documents within 10 calendar days after online registration.

However, the direct recruitment with Indian mission attestation will be available until end-December this year.

Relief to thousands of workers

The stringent ‘bureaucratic-type’ formalities had made recruitment practically impossible, held up several thousand hires and caused loss of job visas for Indians in the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Gulf employers and potential employees had protested against this and Indian missions had asked the ministry to put the system on hold until end-December.

During his recent visit to the UAE in mid-August, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had mandated Indian officials to fix the glitches in the system within 30 days, which they obliged within two weeks.

According to officials, the modified system has not only simplified the procedures but also reduced the number of approvals required at various levels and eliminated the mandatory requirement for workers to visit PoE offices.

It will also help end exploitation of workers by recruiting agents and employers. Apparently, the new system will put recruitment agents under strict scrutiny of the government.

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