Indian boy dies in road accident in Oman


A 16-year-old Indian boy died in a road accident in Sohar on Wednesday night at around 9pm, Times of Oman has reported.

“Muhammed Rash Ariyat, Class XI student at Indian School in Sohar, was hit by a car while crossing the road,” a social worker told the daily quoting relatives.

The accident happened while he was returning after spending time at a park in Sohar.

“He was wearing a cap. While crossing the road, the cap fell down. He turned back and kneeled down to pick the cap. Meanwhile, a vehicle came and hit him,” the social worker added.

Government statistics reveal that in October this year, 349 accidents were registered, compared to 303 in September and 326 in August, the daily added.

-Published on 29 December 2016

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