Indian Consulate helps 23 Indians who lost passports in The Address fire

At least 23 Indians affected in the New Year’s Eve fire at the Address Downtown Hotel have left the country on emergency exit papers issued by the Indian Consulate in Dubai after they lost their passports in the blaze.

Commendable response by Indian Consulate

The Indian Consulate had set up a special helpline to address queries and published the helpline numbers on their website, a report on Khaleej Times says.

The mission had assigned a team of officials to assist the fire victims and helped many hotel guests leave the country by issuing an emergency certificate, also known as out-pass.

According to the hotel management, at least 72 occupants were Indian nationals, but not all of them required help with travel documents.

The Indian mission issued out-passes for those who lost their passports. Only 23 applications came in for these emergency certificates. The applicants had produced soft copies of their damaged or lost passports as proof.

Hundreds lose their belongings

The belongings of hundreds of hotel guests and residents in the 63-storey hotel were affected by the fire. The blaze had raged through 40 floors upwards after starting off on the 20th floor a couple of hours before the stunning New Year fireworks at the Burj Khalifa started.

The hotel authorities had coordinated with various embassies and consulates to assist the guests who lost their passports in the fire to travel back to their destinations.

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