Nothing to declare? Flyers to India need not fill customs form from tomorrow

This post was originally published on 31 March 2016.

Passengers coming to India and not carrying dutiable goods will not have to fill up customs declaration form from tomorrow.

Flyers carrying prohibited and dutiable goods will only be filling up such declaration form, which was earlier mandatory for all passengers coming to the country.

The move is part of a new and simplified measure announced by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley while presenting the Budget for 2016-17.

All passengers who come to India and have anything to declare or carrying dutiable or prohibited goods need to fill up the ‘Indian Customs Declaration Form’, as per the new rules which will come into force from tomorrow.

All necessary arrangements have been made to ensure that new customs rules are followed properly, said Sanjay Mangal, Commissioner of Customs at Indira Gandhi International Airport here today.

“We have written to all airlines that they should provide Customs Declaration Form to passengers carrying dutiable goods and that they should fill it up onboard flights so that they do not have to stand in the queue after deboarding,” he told PTI.

  • The limit to bring duty-free goods worth Rs 6,000 for passengers of Indian origin coming from China has been taken away.
  • The duty-free allowance for people coming from Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar has been increased to Rs 15,000, more than two times the limit of Rs 6,000 at present.

The increase in allowance will be applicable for the journey by air. Those coming to India from land borders will not be able to get any amount of free allowance, the rules said.

The monetary limit for passengers of Indian origin coming from any foreign destination, excluding Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar, has also been increased.

Now such passengers can bring duty free goods worth Rs 50,000 from tomorrow instead of Rs 45,000 at present.

Source: PTI

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  1. shadab siddiqui

    Can i take my one laptop, 2 smartphones and 1 dslr camera with kit with me in cabin baggage or its need to be on check in baggage, and is it also duty free ??? I am working in saudi arabia from last 2 years and now going vacation to india.

    1. Hi Indira, Yes you can. 1 laptop is allowed above the allowance limit and other one can be included within the 50,000 limit.

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