Indian Embassy in Kuwait issues advisory against fraudsters

This post was originally published on 9 June 2016.

The Indian Embassy in Kuwait has issued an advisory asking members of the Indian community in the country not to fall prey to calls of fraudsters, who claim to be Indian embassy officials and warn them of arrest or deportation.

The modus operandi of these gangs of fraudsters is to extort money from the victims by saying that the local authorities have initiated legal proceedings against them as they have submitted false information in their immigration papers,” according to the Indian Embassy in Kuwait.

“These fraudsters would then demand money to be transferred urgently to a lawyer/consultant’s account saying that this lawyer/consultant has been appointed by Indian Embassy to assist the victim in his legal proceedings, the Embassy said in a statement.

However, to avoid any delay due to bureaucratic procedures, fraudsters will ask the money to be transferred immediately to the account, assuring the victim at the same time that the money will be reimbursed to him/her later by Indian Embassy, it said.

According to the embassy, it is suspected that these fraudsters are using their hacking skills to access personal details of their targets and to off-guard their victims, they pretend as if they are Indian Embassy staff calling from the Embassy.

“The Embassy advises all members of the Indian community in Kuwait not to fall prey to such fraudsters’ calls,” it said.

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